My Fix . . .

Well, we went to the Georgia Aquarium when we were in Atlanta, and the dolphin exhibit was under construction :-( , so I didn't get to see my favorite marine animal . . . bummer . . so my hubby sent me this to get my dolphin fix . .

I will post my aquarium pics soon!

Darren & Lauren's Wedding

This past weekend, Shane and I were blessed to go to Atlanta, GA to see our friends, Darren & Lauren, get married!

We flew out from the Richmond, VA airport, and it was awesome! No traffic, no long lines, no delays.

And we actually got there a little early, so we ate some food at Applebees right by the runways!

The wedding was a beautiful outside wedding @ 7:30pm. The weather could not have been better. It was the perfect temperature!

The wedding ceremony and reception were at the Flint Hill Mansion. It was off of a dirt road, so all of those particles in the picture are dust! Bummer!

All of the wedding details were very cute and so modern! Loved them! (the favors reminded me of KT . . she loves graphics of birdies)

The altar!

The Newlyweds!

And now . . yummy food time:

Our salads, yummy rolls & nut bread, and sour patch kids (best favor ever) and chocolate coffee thingies . . .

Shane and I got chicken marsala with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus (although the asparagus ended up with Rita & Don . . . )

Yummy cake!! I had some cheesecake and some butter pecan cake!

They were nice to each other . . . .

Yay! Darren & Lauren! Thank you for having us at your beautiful wedding! Have fun in Hawaii!! So jealous!


Update: Niece Bryce!

This past weekend, I got to see my niece, Bryce!! She was 6 weeks old!! And cute as ever!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her (I will definitely be posting more later though):

She is starting to smile now!! :-)

Bryce & Sommer's ring that Bry got her (Bryce's birthstone)

Bryce being beautiful

"I am a marathon runnnerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!" . . .

And for your viewing pleasure . . .

a continuation of the singing Atlanta man . . . he appears to like to run too:


Lookin Like A Fool . . . .

Well, we went to Atlanta, GA this past weekend for a wedding! It was a great time, and I will be posting a lot this week with events from the weekend, but I had to get this video up for you!

We were waiting at a corner by the Aquarium to cross the street, and this crazy guy came up and was just singing away! Of course, I had to bust out my camera. He loved it though, and eventually came even closer to me so I could get some better footage!

(sorry its sideways . . I keep forgetting to not take footage like that . . )

"Actin like a fool, with your pants on the ground . . ."


The Day After . . .

Well . . . we only ended up watching Smallville and The Office last night . . . Grey's was on for two hours, and I couldn't stay awake any longer . . .

But . . . OMG! ...:::[Spoiler Alert!!]:::... Did Jim really propose to Pam?! It happened so quick, I almost feel like it didn't even happen! That was a great show though! And because I love the office and I am going to a wedding this weekend, thought it was only totes approps to show you this. I just love her facial expression!

And here's a fun "Office" game for your Friday!

Enjoy your weekend!! :-)


The Office Starts Now!

ok . . . well soon . . as in like less than an hour! Soooooooooooo excited!! Probably my favorite show right now. It's just such a different show and such a different humor. Loooove it!

(Pam where are yoU!?)

Also a big fan of Heroes . . . I mean who doesn't wish they could have some type of super power?! I remember I used to love Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and this one movie . . Teen Witch . . . because I always thought one day when I got older, just maybe . . maybe I would get powers like them. Nothing yet. I will let you know.

Ugh!! And . . . some exciting news. . . . going to a wedding this weekend and get to see the fam! And also next weekend, my parents and Behren are coming to visit!! And then a couple weeks after that, I am going to Pittsburgh to look for dresses for KT's wedding!! Oh and . . . only 2 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days until our cruisseeeeeeeee!!! Ahh!! So crazy! Anyways . . gotta watch Smallville, Grey's, and The Office tonight!! Yikes!


Praying Mantis!

Yay! I haven't seen one of these suckers in a looooooooooooooooooong time!

I was out on an audit for work in the Town of Bowling Green, VA, and saw this little bugger! He/She/It was green when it was on the grass, then turned this color on the cement (missed the grass pic . . ugh)!! So crazy cool though! It actually stood still and posed for me for a while!

Then I started getting worried it would bite my head off, so I took one last pic and went back to work.

Ugh . . . heading up north for an audit tomorrow, then finally back in the office on Friday! I can't wait! . . . to be back in the office . . . , but more so that it will be FRIDAY!!! I need a weekend ASAP. . . now.


Soccer Game!

Well, Sunday Shane had another outdoor men's game. I usually don't go to these because they are 20 - 25 minutes away and the games are two hours long, but it was absolutely beautiful out . . . and although I should've stayed home because I am still sick :-( ugh . . 99.5 temp, I just couldn't pass up such a gorgeous day to be outside!

And because I love watching Shane play! Maybe it's because I wish I could be half as good as he is! He just amazes me. Everytime I watch him. He scored the only goal for his team (they lost 1-2 . . bummer), but it was a good, clean game, so that always makes me happy.

Aww, Shane hamming it up for me! I just love that boy! He had some very good shots the rest of the game and some awesome passes, but the other goalie was good.

I love this shot!! I just wish I understood my camera better!! One of these days I will read the manual so I know how to take action pictures so they don't come out blurry/grainy! I love taking pictures and really need to invest more time on learning my camera so my pictures turn out better.

Here is Shane with Matt, our goalie from our indoor, coed soccer team. He is a nice guy and good too! So that's it for this post! Shane has another game on Wednesday . . . indoor though! Maybe I will go and take some more pics if the game isn't too late . . . . Have a great week! :-)


I Stayed Awake! WALL-E & Smallville!


So Shane and I saw WALL-E last night! It was the cutest movie ever! I don't think I have ever gotten so attached to a robot! I didn't even know it was possible! Especially considering he doesn't even talk the entire movie! Ok. . . he does say a couple things . . . "EVE!" . . "directive" . . . and "WALL-EEEE". Maybe some more, but I forgot. But his mannerisms and the little sounds he makes just make you fall in love! This movie was great! It has received some awesome reviews, which are all well deserved! Not only was it just 1 hour and 38 minutes long (a perfect movie length! I get so frustrated when they are 3 hours . . . I just can't stay awake that long. . have to take a bathroom/food break, etc.), but the actual plot made you really think about our world and what it can become. I don't want to ruin it, because I definitely think you NEED to watch it if you haven't, but the end is the best! A feel-good, fall-in-love-with-a-robot, and short-enough-to-stay-awake movie!!

I was so proud of myself because I also stayed awake to watch the premiere of SMALLVILLE!! Season 8! I know . . . I have a sleeping problem. . . it's soooooo hard for me to stay awake for some reason (I think I have to thank my mom for this one). But anyways, this was also AWESOME! I probably wouldn't have started/continued to watch this without my husband (big superman fan), but I am glad I did, because it is one of my favorite shows! It's on Thursdays @ 8pm on the CW!! Check it out!

My husband's favorite episodes are ones where Clark uses his powers and kicks the bad guys butts, which . . I enjoy as well, but I have to admit, I have been wanting Clark & Lois to get together this ENTIRE show (which is the way it is in the movies), but it looks like it finally might be happening this season . . . . what do you think?!


Inflatable Birthdays are Always Fun!

My fun, crazy, cute cousin, Austin, celebrated his 5th birthday last weekend, and we got to celebrate with him in Erie at the "All Seasons" place behind the Millcreek Mall. There is an inflatable play land in the back for kids. (Man! The only time I have things to blog about is when we go home to Erie! See how much more exciting it is there! No offense Fredericksburg.)

Austin, Ava, & Tyler's grandma just started face painting and painted all the kids faces for fun for his birthday party. She was quite talented!

All the kids were going crazy on the inflatable stuff! I probs could've gone on them, but felt too old. :-( So depressing. I would've loved running around like that!! Can't wait until I have kids so I have an excuse!! ;-)

The littliest sibling, Tyler, was fun too! He didn't go on the inflatables, so we kept him occupied in other ways.

My Grandma and I knew where the party was at though!

Ahh! It was just so great to see everyone! You have no idea how much it means to me to be with my family and friends.


Icecream Makes Everything Better!

Ok, so I have come down with a terrible sore throat and my ears hurt and I just have been sooooooooooo exhausted lately! The other night my husband, Shane, was freaking out at me because I was in bed at 7:30pm. . . (I didn't actually fall asleep until 8:30pm. . .which I know . . is still pathetic, but ugh! I feel like crap.)

Anyways, the few commercials we do watch (thank goodness for DVR's!!) . . . I get sucked into. . especially ones about icecream . . and ice cream that only costs 99 cents! ($1.08 w/tax in VA). So Shaney was a wonderful husband and drove me Sonic to get some icecream and make it all better.

I got a junior banana split! And let me tell you, it was definitely junior, but it was the perfect portion that I wanted and needed!!

And although it did not cure my sore throat or my achy ears or my fatigue, it was delicious!!


Baby Bryce Update!

Thought I would give you an update on my almost 5 week old niece, Bryce! When we went home this past weekend, I got to see her and babysit her!!! It was the first time (or so we were told) that she was away from her parents. Sommer and Bry went out on Friday night to celebrate their anniversary, and Shane, Grandma & Grandpa Hester, and me got to watch Bryce Lynn!

Bryce getting burped by mommy before they left.

Shortly after they left, we received a call from the anxious mommy to make sure everything was going well. We thought it was so cute, and wanted to let them know that Bryce was being a good girl, so we later sent this pic message to them:

Bryce didn't really like when you sat down, so you had to walk around and bounce her. She looooves to be bounced! And this picture was her looking at me . . being so curious . . when I was talking to her and singing the ABC's.

I didn't even realize it, but since she has been born, we were home 3 out of the total 4 weekends! Crazy! And so lucky to be able to see her and spend time with her! Although, I wish it could be every day . . or at least every other day or at least every weekend . . . I know Bry & Sommer would get sick of me. :-P

Here is Bryce just looking at me when I was talking to her. She was following me around with her eyes and was so interested in what I was saying! At least that makes one person!! Ha!

Mommy and Daddy are back from their first night away from their little girl! They missed her so much, but we enjoying babysitting her so much!

And a couple days ago, we were sent this beautiful pic message that said "i miss my aunts and uncles"! We miss you Bryce!! You have no idea!!

Kitty Adventures!

As always, we bring our kitties with us when we travel (if we can). I know . . we are pathetic, but we love our kitties and want to "socialize" them as much as possible, so they do not run and hide when other people come over and so they are used to people, dogs, babies, etc.

We went home last weekend, and so our kitties got to come along for the ride! They are usually pretty good in the car. . . . lately Nina has been whining a lot, but usually they sleep the entire 6 1/2 hours.

They love their grandparents' houses because they have stairs they can climb and fun places they can go and explore. They always come out later with dirty paws and cobwebs all over their faces. The grandmas appreciate all the cleaning Nina & Jinx do for them.

Although, the latest trip, Nina & Jinx got somewhere dirty, and decided to take a bath to clean up! I think they made more of a mess though . . . . sorry grandma!

They then headed up to the sink to drink some water! Running all over the house and exploring makes you thirsty!

Oh my lovely kitties! Our lives are so much more fun with them! :-) And their grandmas' houses so much cleaner! (at least the cobweb part). . . .

Longest Legs & Smallest Man!

So I was reading the TMZ website, as I do mostly every day, and stumbled across this . . .

Wow! Her legs are 52 inches (4ft, 4 in) long! Her legs!!! And I thought I had long legs!
(for the record, I just measured my legs and they are exactly 3 feet, 4 inches - from heel to hip bone and I am 5'8")

And that guy is only 29 inches tall! 29 inches . . as in 2 feet 5 inches!! Can you imagine?!

Ugh! Anyhow, I have always been intriqued by "world records" and such, and so thought I'd share my excitement with you.