Rainbows & Kayaks!

So with the rain comes some BEAUTIFUL rainbows! You can see every color of a rainbow in this one!
We headed out to Edinboro Lake to go kayaking for our first time and the rainbow was still out!
Shane's mom and step-daddy let us use their kayaks for a nice glide around the lake!
Shane started taking way too many pics of me in the kayak so this is me saying enough and laughing b/c he just kept shooting away!
Umm . . soo . . I was successful in not tipping the kayak, but umm . . when I went to wash my sandals off in the water I was stupid and went on the boat ramp (very very slippery), and fell right on my bum! It was quite humorous.
Then when we got back to our house from kayaking, we saw ANOTHER awesome rainbow!!!

Thanks Rita & Don for our first kayaking ride!


Cedar Point!

Yay!! Shane and I met two of our best friends, Jon and Cassie (from college track), at Cedar Point this past weekend! It really was one of my best weekends this summer, and so great to see them both! Cassie is a big girl now and works out of her car (company paid) . . like literally . . . she has suitcases full of everything.
We all got out of work a little early so we could drive to Cedar Point Friday night. When we got there we put our stuff in our room and headed on right down the road to TGIFridays! We ended up just sitting at one of the bar tables b/c the wait was waaayy too long, and had a great time and some yummy food!
We then headed out to the boardwalk deck for some beautiful sights and some dancing! And by dancing I mean I busted a couple moves to the Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle (as did Cassie) and the boys talked about stupid stuff :-P. We then meandered down the deck to check out Castaway Bay (indoor water park).
Jon & Shaney being cute by the bay!
Me & Cassie in the indoor waterpark/hotel!
Tall guys get free prizes. . . just kidding! We didn't take it!! We all played skeeball and got enough points to get the rockin teeth below (and some tattoos for our day at the park the next day)!
Watch out for us! We have one nasty bite!
So seriously. . . it was a miracle. We checked the weather all week and right before we went to bed and it had about 80% chance of t-storms ALL day on Saturday. I was really bummed, because Cassie had never been to Cedar Point, and I was just really looking forward to some coasters! We (and by we I mean Cassie) were trying to stay very optimistic and were hoping for the best . . . . we set our alarm clock for 7:30am so we could get some breakfast and get to the park an hour early before the general public was allowed in . . . . opened the shades hoping for some beautiful sunshine and clear skies . . only to see dark grey clouds and hear the rumble of thunder. Bummer . . . . :'( I really almost cried. . . turned the weather station on to see that it was supposed to last all day long . . . :-( . . . so went back to bed. Woke up about an hour or so later . . . Shane checked the weather online and holy crap . . . an awesome act of God. No more rain/showers/storms the rest of the day!!!! I seriously can't believe it!! But it was great! So we got ready, got some brunch at McD's and headed off for the park!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Perfect! We ended up riding just the big rides because it ended up being pretty busy . . Raptor (sat in the front row), Top Thrill Dragster (soooo crazy! This was the only ride where EVERYONE was freaking out b/c it is just such a rush!! 0-120 mph in like 2 seconds!), Magnum (20th year anniversary!), Maverick . . oh wait . . we didn't get to ride this one . . stood in line for an hour and then they said that they were going to shut it down for a couple of hours and everyone had to turn around and exit . . . soooo frustrating . . . I heard rumor that it was because the carts de-railed and flew into Lake Erie (just kidding!!!)! So then we headed over to the Millenium Force (probs our favorite one . . that and the TTD), and wouldn't you know what a small world it was . . my cousin was RIGHT in front of us in line!! It was great to see him and talk to him for a couple seconds every minute or so. Then we headed for the Mantis and I can tell I am getting old . . ::: sigh ::: . . . I was almost getting rollar coastered out! I had a headache from my head banging all around, and opted to sit out on the Mantis b/c I remember the pain being greater than the thrill for me on that one. I mean . . you know when they have a sign that says "Due to the dynamics of this ride, we recommend you remove all earrings", it's going to shake you all up! Then we headed back to the Maverick to see how the line was, but it was still a little long and I think at that point we were just all hungry and had our fun, so we went to Chick-fil-a and headed off to Harry Potter to see the Half Blood Prince! It was AWESOME!
We had a great time and are so lucky to have friends like Jon & Cassie (notice the hard core tat on Cassie's arm . . we all wore one)! One of my best weekends this summer! :-)


Bryce Pics!

I got to have a little photo shoot with my beautiful niece, Bryce, last night! We went over to Sommer & Bry's for dinner and then I just got to chase Bryce around with the cam! And let me tell you, . . . kids who have been walking for 2 months are the HARDEST (but most fun) picture subjects! She wouldn't stop moving around! It was quite the task trying to keep up with her and get some good pictures that weren't blurry, but I think we got a couple cute ones! My hubby, Shane, also helped take some pics!

She always points at everything. So intriqued and so eager to learn EVERYTHING!

Bryce loves her rocker chair from her cousin Ashley! She will just rock rock rock!

She also loveeeesss when daddy swings her on her baby swing!

This is such a cute pic! Taken by Shaney (with a request by me)!

She is so cute! I just love taking pictures of her and love that Bry & Sommer let me!


It's Official! NYC, Here We Come!

Well, we booked our hotel and flight for NYC! Got the go from my boss! So NYC, here we come!
My top places of interest . . . Times Square! You can't go to NYC without seeing this, right (this is my first visit EVER)?! We also booked our hotel right around Times Square so we can be within walking distance to that as well as Central Park, Broadway, 5th Avenue, and others!
I just love how there is this HUGE park right in the middle of such a busy city! It will be nice to go there and relax a little.
And I think I have conned Shane into going to a broadway play!! We need help though! Anybody have any suggestions as to which play we should see? I love musicals, and my hubby loves comedy. Or any other tips for broadway?! (We have already seen "Wicked", and Shane has seen "Lion King").

And of course we have to see the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, maybe go on the free Staten Island Ferry . . .

Any other suggestions?!

Grandma's Roof!

This past Saturday (I'm so proud of myself for getting this post up so soon!), my dad, hubby, mommy, and I helped put a new "rolled roof" (looks like shingles, only it is one big sheet) on a part of my grandma's house.
Here is us on the roof taking a little break for a pic! I was really nervous that I would be stuck on the roof again (for 4th of July Shaney and I went on the top of our roof w/no problems . . . but it was the getting down that completely freaked me out. I couldn't turn around to walk down the ladder! Shane was laughing at me, and I was laughing at me too, but it was scary!! Finally, I just went down front wards . . . ), but this roof was more flat so it was not as scary turning around!
Here is me hard at work! Shane and my dad took off the old roof and then put weatherguard up while my mom and I took the old stuff to my dad's shop to put it in the dumpster. I came back and helped with the actual rolled roofing. Cemented it on and helped hammer nails! We got tar cement all over us!!
And the only thing that would get it off was gasoline (so then we weren't dirty anymore, but we reaked of good ole gas)!
Here is my daddy trying to clean me up!
Daddy got tar in his nose!! Ha! It was so funny! He went to wipe it because his nose was running, but had tar all over his gloves and got the tar all up in his nose!
Here is us all done! What a full body workout! But I thought it was fun and I thought we did an awesome job!! And it's always nice feeling like you are helping people out! Until the next roof . . . .

p.s. - Thanks to my mommy for taking most of these pics!

KT & Mike's Rehearsal Dinner!

KT & Mike's rehearsal was @ Stephany's in Erie, PA. It was absolutely beautiful there and perfect for KT & Mike!

The rehearsal dinner was at the Yacht Club, which was also beautiful! Here are the girls trying to find some duckies to feed!

It was an awesome sunset!

Katie and Mike are the best couple to take pics of!! They are both gorgeous and are definitely not shy in front of the camera! They are in their own little cute world!

It was such a great night for a great couple!


Bryce Being Cute!

Thought you might enjoy some more pics of our cute niece, Bryce!
She is just the cutest! Every day she has more cute things that she does!
I was asked to take some pictures of her on Tuesday! I am super excited!! I just love taking pictures of her and probably take too many! One of these days Bry & Sommer will kick me out, but until then I'll keep snapping! And I think I already have Bryce trained! As soon as I say "Brycee!!" she turns and smiles right at me!! It's great!! Both the first and last picture were taken that way!! Soon I'll get to take lots of pictures for her 1st birthday! I just can't believe how time flies!


New York City!!?

Well, my hubby and I are trying to make a trip to the big apple . . NYC! This is totally overwhelming and completely exciting for me, as I have never been there and there is A LOT to do there! We will only have a couple days there (probably only 2), so we need your help!
Do you have any suggestions of places we HAVE to go, things we HAVE to see, and any other helpful tips?!? We would love to hear anything and everything!


Vote for Bryce!

Vote for Bryce!

Click HERE or HERE or even HERE!

Sign This Guy Up!

A guy in the crowd catches a ball @ one of the Erie RiverRats Games. He's not messing around.

Thanks to my daddy for this one . . .


Ava & Tyler!

Got to spend some time with my little cousins this past weekend! You saw pics of Austin with the pup, and now here is Ava blowing some bubbles and Tyler in his car seat getting ready to leave! Just love kids! Especially them!! So cute! :-)

Kitty: Before and During Puppy Meeting!

Scooter (my grandma's kitty . . Nina & Jinx's brother) . . . got to meet Annie (the pup) for the first time. . . .
DURING . . . .

Daddy's Birthday!

This weekend was a busy one!! KT & Mike got married and it was my daddy's birthday! His birthday was on Saturday as was the wedding (pics and a post coming soon for that . . . hopefully!), so we celebrated my daddy's (and aunt's) birthdays on Sunday!
My aunt's birthday is a week after my daddy's. (Here is my daddy, my aunt, and her gorgeous new pup, Annie!)
We decided to try to take some family pics! We bought a tripod and a remote that came in handy for these!
Mommy, Behren, and Daddy!
Shaney, Mommy, Behren, Me, and Daddy!! I just love my family! :-) (p.s. - this was the pic right before a woodchuck came in the lawn and made Behren FREAK out and try to get it . . . it got away safe though. Don't worry.)

Hope you had a great birthday daddy!! You deserved it!! I am just so lucky to have you as my father. Your guidance and your tell-it-like-it-is advice have really helped me through life in more ways than you'll ever know. Same goes with your sense of humor and just go with the flow attitude. You have been my anchor, helping me through good times and bad, and I just will never be able to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done and all you do for me. I love you with all my heart (and then some!)!