Kenny Chesney Concert!

Long overdue, but here are some pics from the Kenny Chesney Sun City Carnival Tour we went to in June! This was us on our way. My hair is always so flat, so I decided to try hot rollers . . . wore them down the entire way. . . even when we stopped at stores . . people gawked and laughed. . that's ok. It was fun! It definitely helped with the volume, but I wish it would've been even more poofy!
The gang!! Shane's cousins Laurie & Jimmy, Shane, Sommer, and Bry.
We found a guy giving away free chips!! Had to get a pic with him! Oh an FYI . . found my hat at target for like 10 bucks! . . . So did everyone else at the concert . . . . I saw like 10 people with the same hat! Whatever, it was a good deal! Oh . . and the chips were good. Yum.
Lady Antebellum!! Bummed this was all we really saw of them. We got there late and were getting food and some other craziness stuff happened. They sounded good though from the 2 lines I heard.
Getting our drinkies! Umm . . the sign there said only max 2 drinks at a time, but we got 3! And I think that sign might've been for football games anways, but it was still funny, b/c Sommer bought 3! Those were the best margaritas EVER (not really . . . they were just $14 a piece, so you had to make them the best! . . just like my $3 water!)
Miranda Lambert singing it up!! People were still out and about tailgating . . that city (Pittsburgh) is craazzzy!! People were EVERYWHERE tailgating. . . and even brought porta-potties with them!!
Montgomery Gentry! Wasn't a HUGE fan of them going into the concert, but they definitely grew on me!!
Sugarland!! Awesome performers and awesome songs! Here they are crawling around in giant balls over the crowd!
Waiting for Kenny to come out! Where is he?!
Oh there he is!! He popped out of the tent RIGHT ABOVE US!!! We were freaking out. Seriously, if I were still in shape like I used to be, I could've totally jumped up and gave his cowboy boot a high 5!
Him looking back on his swing mobile!! Such an entertainer he is!
Overall the concert was awesome!! Lots of memories and lots of great songs!! Totally worth every penny!! And my husband (not an avid country fan, nor a fan of sitting/standing 7 hours being surrounded by a bunch of crazy drunk people (not us . . everyone else) . . . or being in the sun the entire time) was such a great sport and tried to enjoy it as much as he could, and that was one of the best things! Can't wait for the next concert! ;-)

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Ellen said...

I LOVE your pics. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for Gillette!