It's Baaaacckk!!

The snow is back in full force! The way the wind blows brought us 3 feet of snow in our driveway this morning. Shane tried to shovel out as much he could, but then I had to get in the car and he had to push (we still don't have a snow blower or tractor/plow)!

Anyone want to play hookie today and go sledding, make some snowmen, make some snow angels, go skiing, have a snowball fight, build an igloo, go snowshoeing, and go snowmobiling!? Followed up with some hot chocolate in front of the fire, of course!


Random Sunsets

Had these pictures on my camera for a while (note: no snow).

Getting excited for the spring & summer so that I can enjoy these sunsets outdoors! Loooooooove Erie's sunsets.

Any good spots to watch the sun go down?


Dear Deer

Dear Deer,

Please meander your way over from this yard into our yard.

Staci :-)

p.s. - you can bring as many friends as you want
p.p.s. - seriously considering making our yard an animal sanctuary

we have not seen one deer in our yard yet :-( . . although we have seen some in our neighbors corn field. . . .
we saw these 31+ deer down the street from us . . . how crazy is that?!
you might want to enlarge the pic so you can REALLY see how many there are!


Birthday Bear!

Aww! Look at what got delivered to me today (I didn't even know I could get things delivered to me here at work)! The cutest bear ever by the cutest person ever, my hubby!!

Thanks baber!! I can't stop smiling!! You are the best! :-)

Big Girl Bed!

My sister-in-law sent this cute pic of Brycee to me! She's using a big girl bed now! Gotta get her ready to be a big girl to take care of her little brother or sister! So cute! :-)

p.s. - Funny that you all think I'm talking about me having a baby! I am definitely having the baby itch, but I think Shane and I need some more time with just us! At least for a little . . . .


Boy or Girl?!

My mom is getting very eager for me and Shane to have some little ones, and saved a page out of Her Times (February-March 2010 Issue) in case we want to determine if we have a boy or girl. She has offered some other ideas on how we can decide, but trust me . . . you don't want to know.

(could not find good image of actual chart used in mag, but pretty sure it's same idea)

The month is the "woman's conception month" and the age is "woman's age at conception".

My question is for all you moms and dads out there . . . how accurate is this?


Baby Sono!

Wednesday, my sister-in-law, Sommer, had an ultra sound on their baby! She sent me some phone pics because I really wanted to see the baby! Bryce went with her and I guess was scared for her mommy! So cute!
3-D sono! I mean, how stinkin cute is this little baby!? I cannot wait to meet him/her! They (just like with Bryce) are going to find out the sex! They are hoping to find out right before we go on our Germany trip (April-ish). Eek! I will be excited no matter what! Because really who doesn't want one of each, but how fun would it be to have two girls!?!! I could play dress up and barbies with them both at the same time (easier to babysit)! Either way, I will love their new baby just as much as I do my niece Bryce!


Grandma's Birthday!

Sunday we celebrated my Grandma's 81st birthday! We went to the golden corral for brunch and then back to Shane and I's house to eat cake and open all her presents (she opened them, we all watched . . . . and ate all the cake).

(still in the process of fixing up our house and decorating)

It is so nice to be able to be home and celebrate with everyone. These are the moments we missed out on when we were living in Virginia, and this is why I am so glad to be home. My grandma and family mean so much to me and we are just so blessed to have what we have.

Tuesday was her actual birthday, so after my 30 minute trip from work to McDonalds (to get her a cheeseburger, fries - to split -, and a hot chocolate) to her house (which should have only taken like 5 minutes), I surprised her for lunch! She was so excited. Her smile went from ear to ear and she was there with open arms walking towards me (because she just couldn't wait to hug me). I could feel her enjoyment and love, and I sure love her too!


PI Tri!

I really want to do the Presque Isle Triathlon this year.

I think it would be a fun thing for Shane and I to do together. And it's not TOO bad (.35 swim, 13 mile bike, 3.5 mile run). . . .

but . .

1) it's August 28th . . . pushing cold weather for Erie (not sure if I can get myself to get in the water if it's much colder than 80 degrees outside.
2) last year my brother-in-law, Bry, did it, and it was cold, rainy, and he had to swim in 4' waves. . . yikes!
3) Shane refuses to swim in Presque Isle because of the dirtiness, darkness, loch ness monster, and all the other fishies

But really, wouldn't that be fun?! Should we do it?!

This just in . . . . (aka - just found on their site) . . they have a Duathlon too! 3.1 mile run, 12.4 mile bike ride, another 3.1 mile run . . then Shaney wouldn't even have to swim. Hmm . . . maybe I could get him to do both though, because this is in July! Is it ok to walk the last 3.1 miles?!


Mommy's Birthday!

Today is my Mommy's birthday! We actually celebrated yesterday, because she has to work until 8pm tonight (I know, right?!)! We brought her a cake and flowers and a picture of us and some custom coasters and an eyebrow pencil and a bag where some of the proceeds went towards Breast Cancer Research.
Behren was helping her open the presents. He's such a good helper!
Got the cake from Giant Eagle in Harborcreek. Was very happy with it! I told them I didn't want the normal "flowers" or "balloons" . . . that I wanted something different. I said hearts and purples and blues and this is what they came up with!
I really hope my mom has the best birthday ever, because she deserves it! My mom is the most caring, selfless person I know. She is always putting other people first and takes so much time out of her day to help other people and to make their lives better. She is such a strong woman, who knows what she wants. Whenever I need her, she is there, and she loves me more than anyone I know. She is my best friend.

I love you mommy! :-)