Mommy's Birthday!

Today is my Mommy's birthday! We actually celebrated yesterday, because she has to work until 8pm tonight (I know, right?!)! We brought her a cake and flowers and a picture of us and some custom coasters and an eyebrow pencil and a bag where some of the proceeds went towards Breast Cancer Research.
Behren was helping her open the presents. He's such a good helper!
Got the cake from Giant Eagle in Harborcreek. Was very happy with it! I told them I didn't want the normal "flowers" or "balloons" . . . that I wanted something different. I said hearts and purples and blues and this is what they came up with!
I really hope my mom has the best birthday ever, because she deserves it! My mom is the most caring, selfless person I know. She is always putting other people first and takes so much time out of her day to help other people and to make their lives better. She is such a strong woman, who knows what she wants. Whenever I need her, she is there, and she loves me more than anyone I know. She is my best friend.

I love you mommy! :-)


*kc said...

Happy Birthday, Karin!

jtonyb said...

Wow! what a cute dog. Oh and Happy Birthday to your Mom.

amy grace said...

yummy looking cake! happy birthday mrs banaashsmack!