porter pee, weddings, & cute animals!

okkkkk . . . so it's a busy month for us . . . still . . . last weekend we were in pittsburgh for dan & sandy's wedding! lots of fun and so cute! some highlights from the weekend:

  • we stayed at one of my best friend's (and her bf's) house on friday . . . i made porter (their puppy) pee on nikkie & matt's guest bed again :-( . . . ugh . . . nikkie says he only does it when i'm around . . whether its happy pee or marking his territory . . i feel bad . . . so sorry nikkie & matt! but . . good news . . . we re-made the bed and it was sooooooooo comfy! 500 thread sheets and a cushiony mattress!

  • went to breakfast with an old friend from track and his girlfriend. always good to catch up!

  • went to the mall across from our hotel and got yelled at for going in the apple store b/c we didn't have "an appointment" (i guess it was technially closed still . . . . but the doors were unlocked . . . )

  • caught up with the track coaches from penn state behrend. . . mentioned that shane and i were looking for jobs in erie . . . . (so if anyone knows of any accounting or electrical engineering positions . . let us know!)

  • took a lemon drop with our table at the reception (@ dan & sandy's wedding)

  • made shane dance

  • took almost an HOUR to get out of pittsburgh sunday morn . . . ugh.

  • returned safely back home!

some pics from the weekend:

dan & sandy sporting the terrible towels!

me, jon, & shaney!

yay! smile! :-)

and because i love animals and found/saw some verrrrrrrrry cute things this past week . . . .

http://cuteoverload.com/ --> whenever you want to see some cute animals!

http://www.cyberthing.net/video-play.php?id=105 --> totes made me teary eyed! and makes me want to get a lion. . . .

and my silly kitties when i put icecubes in their water dishes . . .


and the random pics of the day are . . .

a nasty spider that tried to get into my office . . .

the awesome veggie tray i made (w/help from kc & mase) . . . you're going to have to look sideways to get the best view . . i don't know why the crap it brought it in sideways . . it's definitely not that way on my compy . .

the never-ending story dog (very miniature version) . . . aka . . nikkie & matt's pup!

and the delicious cupcakes we got from dozen. . .

that got a little smushed in the car . . . but still just as yummY!

Now & Then . . .

soooooooo last weekend i got to spend time with my bestest girl friends ever. the SKANKs! (Staci.Kristen.Amy.Nikkie.Katie) . . . also . . . our birthdays are in that order too! weird . . . anyways . . it's been since christmas eve that we were all last together . . . aka 6 months. . . which is terrible! and i hope it's never that long again because it was such a great time and just made me realize how strong our bond is still and how much fun we always have when we're together!

so friday night we went to a late sex & the city movie! probs the best movie ever to see with your girlfriends of 10+ years! definitely recommend the movie to girl friends everywhere . . although it definitely had some too "R" rated moments that made you very uncomfortable, overall it was one of the best movies i've seen in a long time . . . it had a great mix of comedy, romance, drama, and fun!

i've never watched the sex & the city shows, so the movie was the first time i met the characters. and throughout the movie i was reminising about the movie now & then, and how that was "our movie" back in the day and how we all wanted to be roberta (christina ricci) because she was the pretty, cool girl with the boobs and got to kiss devon sawa. . . . and we did end up picking characters for each other (which i won't go into b/c it's kinda embarrassing . . ). . . . so anyways . . i was thinking which of my friends would be which character of the sex & the city girls?! and although some of them have certain characteristics of the girls in the movie, i don't know if i would want my friends to be any of the sex & the city girls . . . . they all have too many issues, and although it would be great to have tons of money to spend on clothes and shoes . . . . i love my friends just the way they are.

and i'm totes looking forward to being with my girls on our "honeymoon" in mexico in less than 6 months! although we best be getting all together before then!


Daddy's Day!

Yay! Happy daddy's day to the besssssssssstest daddy in the world! :-)

I am truly so blessed to have the great father & father-in-laws that I have!!

I love you daddy!

We were lucky enough to have my awesome dad and mom come visit last weekend. They brought our little boy, Behren, with them . . . long story short . . he has separation anxiety and we couldn't leave him alone, so he's with my parents who take him to work with them! We ate aloooooooooot when they were here, did lots of yard work (in 100 degree weather!), went for lots of walks w/Behren, and relaxed in front of the tele! We always love seeing our fams and hate to see them go! Hopefully some time soon we can move back to good ol' Erie to be with them!

Here are some pics from that weekend . . .

the million dollar cookies i made! they turned out rather well actuallY! very good! highly recommended!

Behren cooling off in the pool! He is the best doggy ever and is half lab, half dalmation)!

aww! behren, nina, & jinx all relaxin together!

my lovely mommy & daddy at applebees for dinner! yum! we left behren at home alone, and he was sooo good! his separation anxiety is getting a lot better!
p.s. - mom, i'm over here. . .

one of behren's great qualities is his "smiling" when he gets excited and happy. he gets this little grin that just makes everyones day!

can't wait to see everyone again!


No Facebook!?!?

ok so my hubby thought it would be funny to make it so whenever i try to get on facebook, i can't . . . and instead this comes up . . .

very funny shane . . . . :-P . . . you can fix it back now . . . :-) pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!?!?

p.s. - you spelled "exists" wrong . . :-P

To Mona Vie or Not to Mona Vie . . .

well that is definitely the question . . . . Shane and I went to one of our good friends from Fredericksburg's house last night to learn all about Mona Vie. I won't get into all the details, but will give a brief overview . . . (if you want to learn more . . there are a ton of sites you can visit for info) . . another video to help you understand . .

The Good . .

  • the main ingredient is the acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry which has AMAAAAAAZING health benefits (supposedly) . . . it has lots of antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and trace minerals. antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging millions of healthy, functioning cells. . . and since free radicals are caused by stress, lack of sleep, poor diets, pollution, and sunlight . . and i have a TON of all of those . . i am thinking it wouldn't be that bad of a thing . .
  • drinking only 4 oz a day is equivalent to 13 servings of fruits & veggies!! which i probably get like 1 serving a day if that . . .
  • lots of people have reported increases in vitality, better health, an overall sense of well being, and an improvement in joint health! (personally i have heard of arthritis going away, shoulder pain (that was going to require surgery) going away, dramatic results in kids with autism, a person who had to take insulin shots every day no longer have to take any at all, and most all people saying they have lots more energy)
  • you can make a buttload of moolah!! one couple makes over $500K a year just sharing mona vie to other people . . and our friends just started a couple months ago and already make about $20K a year. (you can quit anytime)
  • Oprah & Rachel Ray love it . . .

The Bad . . .

  • In order to make all this money . . you have to sign up for a distributorship for $39.
  • It costs $120 a month per person for Mona Vie (one bottle lasts one week per person)
  • It has only really been around for 3 years soooooooo no long term studies have really been done . . . .
  • To make money you have to "share" this with other people and have them sign up and share with other people . . . . soooo do I really want to take the time to do all of this?? I don't know? I know if i was making $500K a year i wouldn't mind it at ALLLLL!! and I could quit my other job!

sooooooooo now your job . . . check out my poll and let me know what you think we should do . . .

mona vie or not mona vie?


Storm Chasers!

(not taken by me . . . although i wish i could take credit! insane!)

oh my gosh so we decided to go to walmart and just as we are going in the store huge dark, lurky clouds come rolling over the top of the walmart sign and i knew it wasn't good . . . so then as we get inside you can hear the rain pelting the ceiling and you can see the lightning streaking through the windows and can hear the thunder blaring. . . we only had to go in for bread, but i was not about to walk out in that storm. . . . shane was not very happy with me, but i did not want to die . . . even when we were walking by the doors there were a bunch of people talking about how bad it was and they weren't going outside either . . and then minutes later shane got calls on his cell phone from his family about how a tornado touched down just miles away from us and they wanted to make sure we were ok! so then i got even more nervous!! and i was trying to figure out if it was safer to be in walmart or in our house that doesn't have a basement . . . so i made shane walk around walmart with me some more and of course we ended up getting more than just bread . . . but finally the storm started to die down a little and so we checked out and still there were crowds of people by the doors just peering out . . . not risking the chance to get swept up by a tornado, struck by lightning . . or maybe they just didn't want to get wet . . . but anyways . . shane of course was like "it's no big deal . . lets just go" . . so we ran to the car and of course i'm freaking out the entire time because its constant lightning and thunder and the clouds were just all weird looking . . . so i just told shane to get us home safe . . and by golly he did! :-) but on the way home i took some footage of the storm . . . .

New Shoes!

soo . . . one of my best friends, and fellow blogger, Kristen, blogged about her new shoes she got . . . . and it has been WAY over due for me to get some new ones .. especially since i didn't even have any brown shoes for work . .ugh . . . i know. . . . i believe my friends told me i am the girliest girly girl that doesn't have anything . . i can just never find anything cute in my price range (that fits me). . . .
but anywho . . . so Kristen and target inspired me to get these shoes and so far i love them!