Now & Then . . .

soooooooo last weekend i got to spend time with my bestest girl friends ever. the SKANKs! (Staci.Kristen.Amy.Nikkie.Katie) . . . also . . . our birthdays are in that order too! weird . . . anyways . . it's been since christmas eve that we were all last together . . . aka 6 months. . . which is terrible! and i hope it's never that long again because it was such a great time and just made me realize how strong our bond is still and how much fun we always have when we're together!

so friday night we went to a late sex & the city movie! probs the best movie ever to see with your girlfriends of 10+ years! definitely recommend the movie to girl friends everywhere . . although it definitely had some too "R" rated moments that made you very uncomfortable, overall it was one of the best movies i've seen in a long time . . . it had a great mix of comedy, romance, drama, and fun!

i've never watched the sex & the city shows, so the movie was the first time i met the characters. and throughout the movie i was reminising about the movie now & then, and how that was "our movie" back in the day and how we all wanted to be roberta (christina ricci) because she was the pretty, cool girl with the boobs and got to kiss devon sawa. . . . and we did end up picking characters for each other (which i won't go into b/c it's kinda embarrassing . . ). . . . so anyways . . i was thinking which of my friends would be which character of the sex & the city girls?! and although some of them have certain characteristics of the girls in the movie, i don't know if i would want my friends to be any of the sex & the city girls . . . . they all have too many issues, and although it would be great to have tons of money to spend on clothes and shoes . . . . i love my friends just the way they are.

and i'm totes looking forward to being with my girls on our "honeymoon" in mexico in less than 6 months! although we best be getting all together before then!

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*kc said...

Aww! Yay!!

...our honeymoon (that's funny).