Baby, You're A Firework!

July 4th was kinda low key for us. I had to work that day and my cat was dying, so I really wasn't feeling up to lots of partying and such, but we had my parents come over to hang out with us and watch the fireworks in our back yard!


I apparently can't draw hearts. . . .

S for Superawesome!


This display lasted 30 minutes just like last year!

It really is a shame that we don't invite more people over to our house since we get this in our back yard.

Gonna have to find a new job if that is gonna happen though.

Or Shane will just have to prepare/set everything up.

The finale was CRAZY! Too bright for our settings! They said next year is going to be even better! Can't wait!


Beach 1 Concert Series!

Last week my parents, Shane, and I took the pups with us to the Beach 1 Concert Series @ Presque Isle!

It was a beautiful night!

We kept our distance because we weren't really sure if dogs were allowed there or not. We thought it was busy when we went last week, but wait until I show you and tell you about our trip there this past Wednesday!

Bria LOVED it. Both her and Behren went swimming.

Behren dug in the sand too.

Just chillin.

Me & Shaney!

Dad wasn't cooperating with the picture taking so after I put him in a choke hold, he agreed to smile for one.

Me & Bria!

Mommy, Me, & Bria!

And of course, you can't go to beach without taking a jumping picture!


Mommy & Me QUAD : 12 Mile Bike

July 9, 2011, my Mommy & I did our 2nd annual QUAD 12 Mile Bike Ride on the beautiful country roads of Edinboro! We were lucky and got to start in the morning before it got too hot outside!

Mom got to start 4 minutes before I did, and it took me about 6 miles to catch her! I was completely drenched in sweat and so exhausted trying to catch up - aka - I'm so out of shape. I could have sworn there were people with motors on their bikes, because I don't think it is physically possible to go as fast as they were!

But we finished together and we beat our time from last year by 4 minutes!

We only rode our bikes once before that race, so I'm happy we beat our time!

Next up is the 5 mile run! We went "running" together last Sunday at the beach . . it was CRAAZZZY there. People everywhere. Cars everywhere. And it was a million degrees out. But I loved every minute of it. Can't wait until September! More exercise and quality time with my mommy! :-)


Erie Zoo Trip with Our Niece & Nephew!

July 4th weekend, we also took our niece, Bryce, and our nephew, Bowen, to the
Erie Zoo! My parents had a zoo membership (and came with us), but did you know that the zoo is only $8 for adults (I think it's funny they say "adults 13 and over" though . . really? 13 is an adult. Come on.) and only $5 for children 2-12?! And free for 2 and under! I really thought it was going to be more expensive than that though! They have made so many awesome improvements over the year to the zoo and if you haven't gone in a while, you definitely need to make a trip to the zoo!

We saw just about every animal there!

Brycee would say "what else is there to see?!"

Waiting in line for the carousel!

Shane is having so much fun!

Bowie! Both of the kids were so good the entire time!

Baby kangaroos! They have 3 of them! This was one of the bigger ones! The other 2 were still in the mommy's pouches!

Kid zone!

This picture cracks me up because she looks so serious! I think she was bummed we weren't allowed to go in the play gym with her.

But we all got to go on the train!! The kids were getting pretty tired towards the end of the zoo trip. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and just made it to the car in time for the kids to fall asleep! So glad we have such a fun place to go to in Erie to take our niece and nephew and teach them all about animals!


More Lake House!

Over July 4th weekend, we headed out to the lake house again! First stop . . . flea market!

A couple toys were bought, but nothing big.

Next stop . . . boat! Aly loves the boat almost as much as I do!

Ooops! Brian & Bibi fell off and we didn't realize for a while . . .

Livin the life! Paddle boating in the canal!

Brian & Bibi

I just LOVE how little kids interact with each other! Aly & Bryce are so stinkin cute!

Captain Bowen & Captain Don!

Amazzzzzing place in Bemus Point called Village Casino! Super yummy food and you can order it, eat it, and pay all right from your boat! Definitely recommend this place!

After dinner and some playground fun, we headed over to listen to the cover band singing Billy Joel & Elton John songs!

So awesome. It was like we were on vacation all weekend. I loved it.

Family Picnics & Lakehouse!

Here are some pictures from when Dan & Marissa were home!

Bryce on her swingset!

Bowen playing with Uncle Shaney!

Dan & Marissa @ Grandma's!

Shane, Marissa, Sommer, Bry, & Dan @ Mazza Chautauqua Cellars!

Don walking with his grandkids!

Dan & Bowie! Or Bo-wo as Bryce likes to call him (too cute)!

Beautiful night!

Dan & Marissa excited to be home with us! :-)


Next day! Some kayaking in the canal!

Shaney & his Mommy, Rita!

Brycee had a long day!

Bowen was still ready to eat!

This is the fish bowl @ Guppy's!

Bry was wasted! JK . . maybe.

More tube time! Aly says "let's go!"

Bry, Bryce, & Sommer's turn!

Swim time!

Bye Aly!

Having fun!


We had so much fun and were so glad to spend some more time with Dan & Marissa before they headed back to Germany! Wish we could be at the lake house every day! Especially with Erie's recent weather!