Beach 1 Concert Series!

Last week my parents, Shane, and I took the pups with us to the Beach 1 Concert Series @ Presque Isle!

It was a beautiful night!

We kept our distance because we weren't really sure if dogs were allowed there or not. We thought it was busy when we went last week, but wait until I show you and tell you about our trip there this past Wednesday!

Bria LOVED it. Both her and Behren went swimming.

Behren dug in the sand too.

Just chillin.

Me & Shaney!

Dad wasn't cooperating with the picture taking so after I put him in a choke hold, he agreed to smile for one.

Me & Bria!

Mommy, Me, & Bria!

And of course, you can't go to beach without taking a jumping picture!


amy grace said...

Great pics, Stacers!!! Beautiful night for sure. My parents went a few weeks ago and they loved it! Maybe you'll see them out there again! Let me know if you go again - wait - is it over? It is isn't it?? - anyway, b/c maybe I can come down too (since it's like a 10 min drive for me)

*Stace* said...

thanks! it's over now . . :-( they have 8 great tuesdays now though! hoping to attend at least one time! parking is crazy though!

*kc said...

Sounds like fun! I have never been to the Sunset Music Series. It's been so hot - and each Wednesday has been hotter than the last. So. Yea. That's my excuse. I would be interested to know if dogs are allowed (I know they are not allowed at 8 Great).
P.S. Great pic of you and your dad!

*Stace* said...

i definitely had to go swimming the last wednesday because it was WAY too hot! but the water felt so good! when we went the last wednesday we had both the dogs and had them in the water too and didn't get yelled at so??? good to know about 8great b/c we totally would've just taken bria. wish there were more events around Erie that were dog friendly. sigh.