Mommy & Me QUAD : 12 Mile Bike

July 9, 2011, my Mommy & I did our 2nd annual QUAD 12 Mile Bike Ride on the beautiful country roads of Edinboro! We were lucky and got to start in the morning before it got too hot outside!

Mom got to start 4 minutes before I did, and it took me about 6 miles to catch her! I was completely drenched in sweat and so exhausted trying to catch up - aka - I'm so out of shape. I could have sworn there were people with motors on their bikes, because I don't think it is physically possible to go as fast as they were!

But we finished together and we beat our time from last year by 4 minutes!

We only rode our bikes once before that race, so I'm happy we beat our time!

Next up is the 5 mile run! We went "running" together last Sunday at the beach . . it was CRAAZZZY there. People everywhere. Cars everywhere. And it was a million degrees out. But I loved every minute of it. Can't wait until September! More exercise and quality time with my mommy! :-)


*kc said...

I love that you two are dressed the same! Love it! Congrats on beating your time!

amy grace said...

Yay, I agree! You guys look so cute!