Sky High Adventure Park!

For our 4th anniversary, Shaney & I went to Sky High Adventure Park at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY!
It was an outdoor adventure with an aerial park and a mountain coaster!

Our trip to Germany started our love for these kinds of zip line parks!

Let me tell you the difference though . . . in Germany it was $15 cheaper per person and you got to stay in the park all day, where as at Holiday Valley you only had a 3 hour pass.

It was definitely a lot more "idiot-proof" here in the US. The way the mechanisms work, you always had to be on a safety line so you never felt like you were going to fall. (It was still scary sometimes though!) The obstacle Shane is on in the above picture, those pegs you put your feet on would roll if you didn't have your weight distributed correctly.

Shane thinks the obstacles at Sky High were a lot easier than the ones in Germany, but I felt like it was pretty similar. There might have been 1 or 2 harder obstacles in Germany.

After the ropes course we got to ride a mountain coaster!

We were going to go to Hocking Hills instead, but Sky High was a lot closer! We definitely had a blast and are so glad we went! :)


Germany & Paris . . Here We Come!

 It's official!!

Shaney and I booked our flights to Germany last night! :)

We are going to visit Shane's brother Dan, and his wife, Marissa!

We are also going to visit Paris, France!


Any suggestions of where to go, where to stay, what to do in Paris?!
*(keep in mind that we will be going over when it's cold outside)*