Snapping Turtle! It's Baaaack!

The other day we saw Mrs. Snapping Turtle again in our yard.

I watched her for about 10 minutes and then followed her around for a good 15-20 minutes after that . . . .

Turtles are slow.

With no luck in seeing her laying her eggs (and my patience running out), I decided to call it a day.


Daddy's Day!

For Father's Day, my mommy & daddy & Behren came over and we headed to Asbury Woods for a fun nature walk with the pups!

Behren & Bria were so excited to go swimming in the creek!

After the fun walk, we headed back to our house for a cook out!

I love grilling!

Here is our spread (after we ate). The kitties should have helped us eat everything (they were too busy sleeping).

We also had cake!

It was such a fun, great, relaxing day with my daddy! I really wish we had more time to do these things! . . . . . . . When do I get to retire?


My Daddy.

On this Father's Day, I am so lucky and so thankful for my daddy. He is so funny. So caring. So level-headed. So laid back. So smart. So helpful. So generous. So versatile. So supportive. So encouraging. So great. He has helped me throughout my entire life and I love him with all my heart!

In honor of my daddy and all daddy's out there, a daddy day rap:

(played @ our church - sent by mommy-in-law, Rita)



Memorial Day Boating Adventures!

Memorial Day we went to the cottage in Chautauqua to enjoy the fam and some sun! Here is Shaney with his wonderful mommy!

We also got to see the new 22' aqua patio pontoon boat! Very fun!

Brian & Bibi kayaked for their very first time.

As we headed out on the boat to Chautauqua Lake through the canal, you could really see how much the water levels were raised!

Aly was soooo excited! This girl has no fear! She wanted to go tubing by herself and swim by herself (don't worry - we didn't let her)!

Brian & Aly heading out!

Bria's first boat ride was a little exhausting for her!

After 20 minutes of twisting Shane's arm, he finally agreed (I pushed him out of the boat) to go on the tube with me! We had fun!

No swimming for Shane or I, the water was FREEZING, but Brian, Bibi, & Aly were brave souls!

As were Bria and Majr! Bria was soooo excited after her swim. She got on the boat and was running back and forth and jumping up and down and wanted to go back out there!

Until next time . . .