Pictures from My Walk, Kitty Litter, & Million $ Cookies

soo . . . . my awesome dad sent this comic to me and asked me to see if it reminded shane of anyone . . .

and shane also said that this commercial reminds him of me. . . .

and i'm going to make these for when my parents come visit next weekend! :-)
thanks to Carolyn Gurtz . . the $1 million winner in the Pillsbury bake-off contest!

All Aboard!!

so my best friends (mase, kc, kt, nikkie) and i randomly, quickly, & excitedly decided to spend some quality time together by going on a CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a very exciting thing for us because we rarely are ever ALL together, 3 out of 5 of us have NEVER been on a cruise, and because it's the first thing we've done with just "us girls" since our Canada trip four years ago . . unless you count my bachelorette party in baltimore . . . but i don't think that counts . . . although it was lots of fun (minus the day after).

we will be departing from new orleans in decemeber and going to mexico! it's a five day excursion and we are all totes excited about it! our tickets are booked (thanks to kt who endured long, stressful phone calls to carnival) so . . . . mexico here we come!

uCruiser.com Ticker
(thanks to kt for the cruise ticker!)


Brother & Sissy-in-law's Wedding!

wedding #1 down . . . . .

here are some pics (click on the photo below) from the awesome weekend! so excited to have the best brothers & sisters-in-laws (& family) EVER!

thanks to shaney for the coding helP!


Get Excited!

soo it's been a while since my last post . . . . but get excited b/c there are some FUN things coming up!
  1. sommer (and bry) is pregs with a baby girl! she is due this august!! i made some awesome invites for her shower. soooo excited to have a niece! she is already spoiled, but rightfully so! i get to see sommer this weekend and she said that i should be able to feel the baby move!

  2. marissa & dan are getting married 5/24 & i am in the wedding! yay! can't wait for all the delicious food, the fun, the dancing, the looking pretty, and the family! oh . . . and all the pictures will be good too i guess . . . (if you don't know me . . i'm obsessed with picture taking)

  3. the rents are coming to visit w/our little pup! it's so hard living so far away, so i am definitely looking forward to getting this visit from them!

  4. nikkie & matt's house warming party . . . seems like its been forever since i've seen my girls! everyone is growing up . . . nikkie & matt got a house! kt and mike got engaged! and kristen & mase are finally . . ahem. . . moving out to their own apt!

  5. dan & sandy's wedding! met dan from the penn state behrend track & field team. . . . . we both went to nationals together (him for javelin and me for high jump) and both placed 9th! (one off from all-american . . jeez.) i will also get to see some of my best friends from track at the wedding!

  6. matt b & sarah's wedding! matt b is one of shane's best friends from high school (he also went to college w/us for a while). one of the most genuine, smartest people i know. their wedding is in minnesota!! which is crazy b/c the flights to get there and back are ridiculously expensive, but love visiting new places & hopefully i can drag shane to the mall of america or the zoo or both!

  7. july 4th weekend! home again home again jiggity jig! first time in a long time we will be home to see the entire fam! also sommer's shower is this weekend! and marissa & cassie's birthdays! hopefully some girl time toO!

that's all i got for now, but man is it going to be a busy couple months! check back for pictures of all the events!


Happy 1st Birthday to My Kitties!

*nina & jinx are the ones closest to me (far right)
my grandma got one of the boy "orange" ones. . he's like twice the size of our kitties!

last year we took in two barn kitties from shane's aunt & today is their 1 year birthday!! they have grown into such crazy kitties, but we love them!

nina - named nina b/c she was the "explorer" . . she loved to check everything out and was by far the more social kitty (she is the diluted -- light grey -- calico). now she is the lazier, but more girly kitty. as soon as my alarm clock goes off in the morning you can hear her sprint down the hall and jump on our bed . . she comes right up to my face and just purrs and kneads me! such a great way to start my day!

jinx - named jinx b/c shane liked the name and b/c she's just crazy. she was definitely more afraid and not so lovey in the beginning, but now she's probably more affectionate than nina. she is the super hyper kitty who likes to jump really high (takes after her mommy). but we do have a problem with her at night . . . she likes to not leave us alone . . . the best way to describe her is by using this "bad kitty video". . . so we have to put the kitties in their kitty room every night . . . which is a bummer but we've tried EVERYTHING to get her to not do that. . . . we just don't get it.

awesome video of jinx showing off her high jumping abilities . . .

also to be added later . . . . some more pics! stay tuned!


to the best mommy's ever!

Happy Mother's Day!!

shane and i were going to try to make a video (take a pic) to send to our wonderful mommy's, but it probably would've turned out something like this . . . . (minus the slight violence)

so instead i am writing to say how lucky we are to have the two best mom's in the world! we love you, we miss you, and we can't wait to see you soon! thank you for being our mommy's!


it must be something in the air. . .

ok. . . . so everyone knows how great my work place is, but it's even better when gi-normous spiders and prehistoric turtles lurk around . . .

check out this nasty spider that was blocking the entrance to the front door:
p.s. --> you have to click on the image to enlarge it, b/c these small pics just don't do it justice

then today . . when i pulled into the parking lot i was greeted with this "little" thing:

and although the nails on this thing are bigger than my head, it does have a cute little waddle:

stay tuned for more animals from the jurassic period . . .

p.p.s. --> everyone makes fun of me for carrying around my camera EVERYWHERE i go . . but i wouldn't have gotten these sweet pics & video to show you


My New BloG!

Sooo . .i've decided to create a blog . . . for many reasons:

1. because i live soooooo far away from everyone, it will be a good way to keep everyone informed of shane and i's awesome life

2. my friends kt, mase, & newbie kc have totes (=totally) awesome blogs and i want to be more like them.

3. i've been wanting to start up a diary so i remember things (b/c i have the worst memory EVER) and what better way then to get in the 21st century and create a "digital diary"

it's going to take some learning time, but hopefully you enjoy!! :-)