My New BloG!

Sooo . .i've decided to create a blog . . . for many reasons:

1. because i live soooooo far away from everyone, it will be a good way to keep everyone informed of shane and i's awesome life

2. my friends kt, mase, & newbie kc have totes (=totally) awesome blogs and i want to be more like them.

3. i've been wanting to start up a diary so i remember things (b/c i have the worst memory EVER) and what better way then to get in the 21st century and create a "digital diary"

it's going to take some learning time, but hopefully you enjoy!! :-)


Shane said...

I Love you

j*amy said...

yay! i like the layout stace! put us on your blogroll. NOW. :)

Kt said...

yayyyyy! Totes awesome!!! Welcome to bloggggggggging!!!!

Don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions...some things can be confusing at first...We'll get your analytics and stuff going when you come up here in June...you should totes join 20SB too (twenty-something bloggers)

*kc said...

Thanks for the motivation and the name of my new blog!

raych said...


that's funny.

moreso, because we nicknamed a girl at work totes (she doesn't know it).

j*amy said...

hahah totes like the pic changes. now you can write that KC has a blog too :)

*kc said...

Wooooot! Thanks for mentioning my blog! But it twas you that inspired me!