Happy 1st Birthday to My Kitties!

*nina & jinx are the ones closest to me (far right)
my grandma got one of the boy "orange" ones. . he's like twice the size of our kitties!

last year we took in two barn kitties from shane's aunt & today is their 1 year birthday!! they have grown into such crazy kitties, but we love them!

nina - named nina b/c she was the "explorer" . . she loved to check everything out and was by far the more social kitty (she is the diluted -- light grey -- calico). now she is the lazier, but more girly kitty. as soon as my alarm clock goes off in the morning you can hear her sprint down the hall and jump on our bed . . she comes right up to my face and just purrs and kneads me! such a great way to start my day!

jinx - named jinx b/c shane liked the name and b/c she's just crazy. she was definitely more afraid and not so lovey in the beginning, but now she's probably more affectionate than nina. she is the super hyper kitty who likes to jump really high (takes after her mommy). but we do have a problem with her at night . . . she likes to not leave us alone . . . the best way to describe her is by using this "bad kitty video". . . so we have to put the kitties in their kitty room every night . . . which is a bummer but we've tried EVERYTHING to get her to not do that. . . . we just don't get it.

awesome video of jinx showing off her high jumping abilities . . .

also to be added later . . . . some more pics! stay tuned!

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Kt said...

I totes seriously love that video. It's more Koto that weezy...but I've woken up before to weezy lightly tapping my eyelid with his claws...really freaked me out.

In the top pic it looks like you're trying to be preggers with your hand on your tummy...but you're to skinny to pull it off hahahh...(unlike that fugz pic of me in the bathroom in Baltimore...ahahahahahha)