My Birthday!

Yay!! Little late on this post . . . as I am on all posts . . . ugh . . . that's what happens when you work too much and have about an hour commute each way and your internet is slow and you are too exhausted.

Anyways . . . . I celebrated my birthday week last week!! Went to Max & E's for lunch with some of my best friends! We even got cookies and icecream!!
Celebrated on my actual birthday with my parents, Shaney, Grandma Jean, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Tom, Behren, and Sheena! My mommy got me balloons!! How fun!
And she got this AMAAAAZZZZZING cake from Wegmans!! It was white cake with the kind of frosting they use on fruit tarts, and all of this delicious fruit!! Wegmans always has the best fruit!! It really was an awesome, different, yummy cake!!!
I can't believe I am 25 already!! Quarter of a century!!! It has gone by sooooooooo fast!! And I am so blessed. My first 25 were great, and if my next 25 can be anything close to that, I will be one lucky girl! Had to get a pic with the party planner/hostess/mommy!! And of course my hubby! I think this was the day after my birthday when we went to Uncle Charlie's with Shane's fam and my parents!! My mommy holding Bryce! If you ever want your kids back, you really should never give them to my mom. . . she's obsessed with little kids!! She wants us to have like 10!
Back to our house for some more cake!! Yum!
I really did have a wonderful 25th!! It was so great to be back in Erie to celebrate with my family and friends!!


What A Wonderful World!

Cutest thing ever!!

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for this vid! :-)



Random. Ready. . . . Go.

Flowers from my wonderful hubby for valentine's day!! He got these for me because he knows I love the color pink and I told him my new favorite color is yellow (although light blue is also my favorite color)! How sweet! I absolutely love them and absolutely love him! Really, he helps me get through so much and I ALWAYS laugh when I am around him. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day very big . . no big dinner for us . . we actually had left over sloppy joes!! But we exchange some candy and cards! It's too close to my birthday to celebrate that big.
My handsome pup, Behren! We had to take him to the vet to get his ears checked out, and get his leg checked out. . . . he keeps limping :-(. . . his ear is a lot better now, and his leg is off and on ok. They said if it's not better in 10 days to go back and they will take an x-ray.
My kitty Jinx & Nina sleeping all cuddled up again. They are just the cutest!! I know I always say this, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad we got two kitties and not just one!! I love to watch them interact with each other, and I love having two kitties snuggle up to you!! I would actually probably get even more kitties, but Shane says two is enough.
And of course, my beautiful niece, BRYCE!! She is getting so big! Sitting in her high chair! She celebrated her 6 month birthday last weekend!!

And . . . . her mommy and daddy and Shane and I got tickets to go see Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland, and Lady Antebellum . . . all at once!!! My first REAL concert!! So excited!! :-)

Random. Ready. . . aaaaaaannnnndd. . . . Done.


And I Introduce To You . . .

Bryce and her teethers!!

Ahh! She is just getting so gosh darn cute!! I got to see her yesterday and she was so cute and so curious about everything. She loooooves reading books! And loves when you make silly faces at her!

I love her outfit today! Dancers!! I can't wait until I can dance around with her!


Grandma's 80th!

My Grandma's 80th Birthday was on Monday, but we all celebrated it on Sunday!

It started off with some brunch at the Golden Corral! I love when you can get such a smorgasbord of things, but I am not a big fan of "everything you can eat" . . because I eat A LOT!! And then I'm sooooo stuffed!

Here are my cute cousins back from their trip to Disney World!! Ava has on her princess dress, and Tyler just cracks me up b/c whenever you say to smile, he gets super excited and almost shakes because he smiles so hard!
Austin is such a cutie!! The big brother of the group!! He made Shane and I carry him around all day!
The whole gang!! Notice how my dad and Shane are the only two who don't turn around! Ugh! Are you sick and tired of me taking pictures of you, or what?!
My Grandma is a gal after my own heart. Dessert, dessert, dessert. Yum!And more dessert! We went back to Grandma's to eat some yummy Giant Eagle cake!
I just can't get over how cute Ava is!! Getting ready to help Grandma blow out the candles!
Yay!! Happy 80th Grandma!! She told me that this was her best birthday yet! That makes me feel so good that she's still happy @ 80!!


Full Moon!

Did anybody see the moon tonight?!!

It was soooooooooo huge!! Wish I could have gotten some pics earlier when the moon was lower, because I have never seen the moon that big, but it rose too fast, so you will have to deal with these:

So pretty!!

P.S. - That's why Shane has been acting so weird!! :-P Just kidding!


Disney World & Grandma's Birthday!

My cousins recently went to Disney World! I really wish I had the vacation time and money to go with them, because I am sure I missed out on some awesome memories. I can't wait to see all the pictures and here all about it!
Tomorrow we are going to brunch with my Grandma for her 80th birthday! I am excited because 1) i love to eat, 2) i love being with my family 3) i feel so honored and lucky to be able to spend my grandma's 80th birthday with her! Afterwards we are going back to her house to eat some cake and give her her presents! I can tell you what we got her, because she does not use the computer at all. We got her a digital weather station! That even has a little guy on it that shows what you should wear for the day! She totally needs this because she just told me about a little excursion she took in the freezing cold, 3 feet of snow weather . . . she was wearing SNEAKERS! outside trying to catch her cat that got out! For an hour!!!!! Ugh . . . she said she kept falling and couldn't get up so she crawled and got tired, so she sat there and then got back up and fell again and tried to crawl some more . . . . seriously. . . . I thank God that she is ok and nothing bad happened, and that she ended up getting Scooter back thanks to my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Chris that live next door and were luckily taking their dogs out and saw her and to some chicken that lured Scooter out from under the deck.


Dentist Visit

Well I was supposed to go to the dentist today, but had to cancel because of work, but it's a good thing because I might have ended up like David here:

David After Dentist

Kitties & Sunsets . . .

Some of the best parts of my day . . .

Our kitties snuggling on our laps after a long day at work . . . seriously. I just love this picture, because it captures their sister bond perfectly. They are just soooooooo cute together, but still snuggle with us too! I love it! For those of you wanting to get just one kitten, I totally suggest getting two. I would never just get one after seeing how much fun they have with each other and how much they snuggle and play with each other and bathe each other and eat together and chase mice together (not at our house of course) and greet our visitors together. I just love that they love each other and love that they love us, because we sure love them!

And I love that the sun has actually been getting up a little earlier and going to bed a little later, because I get to see the sunset now on my way home from work! Usually I get to work before the sun gets up and leave after it goes down, so I am just in my glory getting to see this beautiful work of nature.

It probably doesn't help my driving much looking at all these gorgeous views, but I actually did stop to take this picture!! Ugh!! I just can't get over how beautiful it is! I just love being home in Erie. :-)


The Steelers & The Kitties!

Yay!!!! The Steelers won!!!! What an awesome game!! After the 3rd quarter, I lean over to Shane and say "I wish Arizona would score a touchdown so the game would be more interesting." . . . Ugh . . . be careful what you wish for!! It definitely was a great game though, and couldn't have ended more perfectly! I was kinda bummed about Troy's play . . . he seemed a little out of it. And you know . . . Santonio Holmes got the MVP award, which I totally agree with for the Superbowl, but overall for the season. . . I do not think you can really pick just one player. That's what I love about the Steelers!! They just have such a diverse, awesome team. Everyone is good and plays so well as a team, where other teams just have one or two really good players that win it for them. Can't wait for next season! Lucky Seven!

And on another note. . . my kitties were being cute and crazy again. Jinx decided to go in our shower and lay on the little seating area. And Nina was just being cute.


On A Lesser, but Steel Exciting Note!

Here we go STEELERS!!

Superbowl 43!

Penn State Behrend had this annual Steelers vs Students basketball game that I went to twice. At "half time" you had the chance to get their autographs and get pictures with them. I was lucky enough to get my pic with one of my favorite steelers players, Hines Ward.

Another year, I got my pic with traitor, Antwan Randel El. I do still have to give him credit though with all his trick plays.

I also got to see Jerome Bettis at Penn State Behrend as well, but he was not the "people" friendly type then.

So excited for tonights game! Superbowls are always fun, but even more fun when your team makes it. We will be eating lots of food, bustin out the terrible towels, and cheering on the Steelers to another superbowl win (hopefully)!

p.s. - Did you know Superbowl tickets run from $1,953 to $6,270 on ticketmaster.com?! That's sooooooo crazy!

p.p.s. - Here are some fun things to get pumped up with!

The Big Day!

It is the big day!! No, I'm not talking about the superbowl (although, I am very excited about that too), I am talking about the birthday of the woman who loves me the most, who cares for me more than anyone, and who has helped make me who I am today. It is the birthday of my lovely mother!
We celebrated her birthday on Saturday. My parents and Behren came over for breakfast (Jack Frost doughnuts that they brought from Erie . . yum! Seriously. Best. Doughnuts. Ever.), then my mom and I headed off to Empyrean day spa in Edinboro. She got a 30 min massage and a manicure and I got a pedicure and manicure. It was very fun and relaxing. After that, we went to Walmart to pick up the cake and got some John's Wildwood Pizza.
Here is her cake! It was very cute and very yummy!

I felt bad because we did not have any candles and I totally forgot to get some at Walmart (everything we own is pretty much in Virginia, so I think I have stuff, and I do . . . but it is all in Virginia). So we had to use a regular candle. And Behren and his happy tongue almost got the first taste!
We all napped for a bit, took the pups for a walk, then headed off to dinner. It was definitely an interesting evening, and the place we ended up was not that good and took forever and they waaaaay undercooked our "well-done" steaks, but we made the best of it and still enjoyed the time we got to spend with each other. Good thing I was still stuffed from the pizza and cake earlier.
It was so nice to spend an entire day with my parents and Behren.

Today is my mom's real birthday though, and I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To the most caring, most genuine, most optimistic, cutest story-teller there is. Who always makes sure I am watering my plants enough, taking care of myself and Shane, and some how can still get a laugh out of falling and hurting yourself. Every day I hope I can become more and more like you. I love you mommy!