On A Lesser, but Steel Exciting Note!

Here we go STEELERS!!

Superbowl 43!

Penn State Behrend had this annual Steelers vs Students basketball game that I went to twice. At "half time" you had the chance to get their autographs and get pictures with them. I was lucky enough to get my pic with one of my favorite steelers players, Hines Ward.

Another year, I got my pic with traitor, Antwan Randel El. I do still have to give him credit though with all his trick plays.

I also got to see Jerome Bettis at Penn State Behrend as well, but he was not the "people" friendly type then.

So excited for tonights game! Superbowls are always fun, but even more fun when your team makes it. We will be eating lots of food, bustin out the terrible towels, and cheering on the Steelers to another superbowl win (hopefully)!

p.s. - Did you know Superbowl tickets run from $1,953 to $6,270 on ticketmaster.com?! That's sooooooo crazy!

p.p.s. - Here are some fun things to get pumped up with!

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*kc said...

So what did you do for the game? We made chicken tortilla soup (soup for the Souper Bowl) and S'more bars.

P.S. I have decided that I cannot root for another team. It's too stressful. The Black and Gold did a great job, but I almost had a heartattack. I am going to have to stick to cheering on the Blue and White.