Random. Ready. . . . Go.

Flowers from my wonderful hubby for valentine's day!! He got these for me because he knows I love the color pink and I told him my new favorite color is yellow (although light blue is also my favorite color)! How sweet! I absolutely love them and absolutely love him! Really, he helps me get through so much and I ALWAYS laugh when I am around him. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day very big . . no big dinner for us . . we actually had left over sloppy joes!! But we exchange some candy and cards! It's too close to my birthday to celebrate that big.
My handsome pup, Behren! We had to take him to the vet to get his ears checked out, and get his leg checked out. . . . he keeps limping :-(. . . his ear is a lot better now, and his leg is off and on ok. They said if it's not better in 10 days to go back and they will take an x-ray.
My kitty Jinx & Nina sleeping all cuddled up again. They are just the cutest!! I know I always say this, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad we got two kitties and not just one!! I love to watch them interact with each other, and I love having two kitties snuggle up to you!! I would actually probably get even more kitties, but Shane says two is enough.
And of course, my beautiful niece, BRYCE!! She is getting so big! Sitting in her high chair! She celebrated her 6 month birthday last weekend!!

And . . . . her mommy and daddy and Shane and I got tickets to go see Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland, and Lady Antebellum . . . all at once!!! My first REAL concert!! So excited!! :-)

Random. Ready. . . aaaaaaannnnndd. . . . Done.

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Brooke & Freeland said...

PS - I AM SOO JEALOUS you get to go see Sugarland! They are SOOO WONDERFUL live! You will have so much fun.

PPS - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!