Grandma's 80th!

My Grandma's 80th Birthday was on Monday, but we all celebrated it on Sunday!

It started off with some brunch at the Golden Corral! I love when you can get such a smorgasbord of things, but I am not a big fan of "everything you can eat" . . because I eat A LOT!! And then I'm sooooo stuffed!

Here are my cute cousins back from their trip to Disney World!! Ava has on her princess dress, and Tyler just cracks me up b/c whenever you say to smile, he gets super excited and almost shakes because he smiles so hard!
Austin is such a cutie!! The big brother of the group!! He made Shane and I carry him around all day!
The whole gang!! Notice how my dad and Shane are the only two who don't turn around! Ugh! Are you sick and tired of me taking pictures of you, or what?!
My Grandma is a gal after my own heart. Dessert, dessert, dessert. Yum!And more dessert! We went back to Grandma's to eat some yummy Giant Eagle cake!
I just can't get over how cute Ava is!! Getting ready to help Grandma blow out the candles!
Yay!! Happy 80th Grandma!! She told me that this was her best birthday yet! That makes me feel so good that she's still happy @ 80!!

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