Happy Birthday to Mase!

Yay!! Happy Birthday Mase!!

Friday we got to celebrate Mase's birthday with her!! We went to Hibachi with her, her bf (Josh), our bff (KC), her sister and brother-in-law, her cuz (Bekah), and her rents! We went back to KC and Mase's apartment after that for some cuppies and Disney Scene It!

This is a card that her awesome cuz, Bekah, made for her! Really, it makes me laugh every time I look at it!! Mase is kinda obsessed with Twlight.

Of course I had to get a pic of the crazy fire!

Mase's birthday cake!

The birthday girl, Josh, and Bekah!

Probs my fav action shot of the night! Mase was trying to catch shrimp in her mouth! She did get the one after this one!! But this is more funny!

And the chef threw 10 million shrimp at Brian (Mase's brother-in-law), and every single one went in his mouth and bounced back out!! I was literally crying because I was laughing so hard!

So then we went back to the apt and sang happy birthday! You can't see them at the moment b/c we were having some tech difficulties, but KT & Mike were web caming with us and they were singing along! It was pretty fun!

It's just so great that we are back in Erie and I am able to celebrate my friends birthdays with them!

Amy, you are one of the best friends ever!! I'll never forget all the afternoons after school where we would jump on the trampoline and look through the Delias catalogs, the times we made our silly shows (. . Jeans, yeah Jeans, they come in all different colors! . . . I wasn't finished yeeeeeeeeettt!!!), the quote book, your gracefulness, and your awesome cuppies that you never made for us (except that once). I love that we can play volleyball together again. You make me laugh hysterically every time I am with you. You are one of the most funny, down-to-earth, creative people I know, and are beautiful both inside and out!

Happy Birthday! :-)



I wish I could say this was Shane and I, but it is two of our good friends from Fredericksburg, VA! They are craaaazzzzy!!! They did this for Adrian's 30th birthday! I told Shane I want to do this for our 30th birthdays!! Or maybe even our 26th!!

Does anyone know anywhere good close to Erie that we could go?!


Big Boy!

Got to see Behren in the morning, at lunch, and after work! He is doing ok. Still limping a lot and carrying his leg up. After he takes his pain pills, he is outtttttt. And his eye lids stay open when he "closes" his eyes. . . it's kinda freaky (this isn't a picture of him doing it. . I really should try to get one though).

He still plays with his toys off and on though! I just think he's so frustrated that he can't run around the yard and the house. I feel so bad for him!

Can you see all the toys on the fire place behind him??!?! He is so spoiled. But rightfully so. Still so nervous about his rehab and recovery.

Daffodil Days!

So my mommy gave me a bundle of daffodils that she ordered from work!

And it was sooooooo cool, because I had ordered her some too!!

And we didn't even know that each other did it!

I'm a big sucker for community service and donations. I try to help people out as much as I can, and if I can get some beautiful flowers to give to my mommy too, then I'm all about it! The donations for the daffodils supported the American Cancer Society.


He's Home!

We picked up Behren today! It was so great!

First off let me say that we took Behren to Camboro, and I cannot say enough good things about them. They made us feel so comfortable and always seem to know what they are talking about and don't care how much we bother them. They tell us to call as much as we want. I really like all the staff and doctors there, and completely recommend taking your pets there!

When we first got there we went in one of the exam rooms and the one assistant told us about the meds that he needed to take (inflammation, pain pills, antibiotics). Then the doctor who did the surgery (Dr. Sliker - Orthopedic Surgeon for 17 years or something like that . . a very nice and very educated guy!) came in and we got to talk to him about questions we had and about what to expect and what Behren can and can't do. Pretty much . . he has to stay in the house for the next month and can only go out (on a leash) to do his thing and then has to come back in. No running, no jumping, no climbing stairs, no digging. After a month then he can start going for walks on a leash again.

So after we discussed all that, Dr. Sliker took us to the xray exam room to show us Behren's xrays (and they gave them to us on a CD . . how fun!).

Pre Surgery
(you can see on the right how much farther his knee is separated . . this is because his cruciate ligament was 75% torn, and the rest was just stretched out)

Post Surgery
(you can see where the metal clasps are . . if you look really good, you can see a darker line where the "tunnel" is that they drilled)

When we were in the xray room, they took him past to do some laser therapy (which he goes back for once - twice a week for five weeks) . . this is supposed to help stimulate cell growth and help him heal faster. He saw us when he walked by and did a double take. When we finally got to see him, he did his normal smile and wagging of the tail and was so excited to see us. You could tell he was definitely ready to go home though. He was very anxious.

Here is his suture on his leg. He goes back in two weeks to get the stitches removed.

They shaved off so much hair! He looks naked!

After a while at home, he seemed a lot more content and started playing with all his toys. We fed him and gave him his pills, and then he was passed out. (p.s. - Our 20 year old kitty is behind Behren).

It is so great to have him home again. We have a long road to recovery, but we just hope we can get him back so he can painlessly run on all fours again.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. We greatly appreciate it!


Behren Update! - 19 hours & Counting!

Well, the doctor who did the surgery called me today and said that Behren is doing really well. He said that he's up baring weight on the leg and eating like nothing happened. The doctor said that he flexed and extended Behren's leg, and Behren didn't even look at him. . didn't even phase Behren! He said we can come pick Behren up tomorrow!! Yay! :-)

I will definitely post some post-op pics! I can't wait to get him back!!

Behren Update - Only 1 More Day!

Talked to the vet again!

They said Behren is doing well. They said he was up and walking around and was excited to go outside. They said he was putting weight on his leg when he was just standing there, but when he walked he still limped a little.

They said he is going to get some laser therapy later today.

I am supposed to call around 9am tomorrow to see how he is doing. They said if he stays the way he is, he should be coming home with us tomorrow! Yay!


Happy St. Patty's!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

And of course, there's no other better pic to post on St. Patty's Day, than Bryce in her St. Patty's Day outfit!

Sooo cute!!

P.S. - I did call the vet again . . . and they said Behren is still doing good. Gosh . . I wish I could visit him or something . . . Thursday is so far away.

Behren Update - Post Op

Well, the vet just called me! They said Behren got out of surgery 1/2 an hour or so ago. They said he did very well and handled the anesthesia fine. They said that the good news was he had no complete ligament tears, but that his cruciate ligament was 75% torn, and the remainder of it was stretched. The doctor said he had no stability what so ever.
They did a "tightrope" procedure (somewhat like the above pic). The vet said that they believe they did a great job stabilizing the knee. They took post-op x-rays which the vet said he was also very pleased with. He said it was good placement and he was very happy.

I will probably call later to see how he's doing (they said I could). And the doctor said he will call me tomorrow morning sometime to give another update.

We don't get him back until Thursday after 3 though!! Ugh. I just hope he doesn't hate us.

Behren - Pre Surgery

This is such a terrible pic (taken on my camera, then taken by my phone, then sent to my email), but this was Behren right before we went in for his surgery. He knew. He is so smart. I mean look how scared and sad he looks! :-(

It was absolutely terrible. And of course, the two most emotional people in the world (my mom and myself) go to take him. I was trying to stay strong for both Behren and my mother, but it was so hard to hold back tears. Especially when they took him "behind the big scary door" (aka - out of the waiting room) . . . he just did not want to go. He was backing up and had his claws dug in the floor so hard! It was so sad. My mother and I then walked out reluctantly and cried in each others arms for a couple seconds (I know, we are pathetic . . . we just love our dog too much!). We know (we hope) that this is going to make him better, and we just hope that we are making the right decision.

We still have not received the call from the vet to see how he made out. They said some time between 2 - 4 pm.

I will let you know what they say.


Behren's Surgery Day

Well, my little pup, Behren, is getting surgery tomorrow. He tore his cruciate ligament in his knee and limps a lot. . .pretty much has been running/walking on three legs. He his only 3 years old (not even) and it makes me so sad that he has to get this done already. It usually happens on older dogs, but for some reason it happened to Behren. The doctors claim that it's not even an athletic thing that he did. . . they seem to think it's arthritic. 3 years old and he already has arthritis!

Well . . . after the VERY expensive surgery, Behren has to rest for 3 months! No running, no jumping, no climbing stairs. Which is why we (dad, Shane, and me) built a ramp this past weekend to help him get in and out of the house. I know . . . I know . . . "You built that ENTIRE ramp for a dog?!!" Yes. He means everything to us, and I'm sure all pet owners understand. Right?! Ugh . . maybe we are a little crazy, but we will do anything for him, and just want the best for him, and we hope he can heal fast.

The first day of the ramp. We built this entire thing in only two days (and didn't even work a full 2 days on it).

My dad cracks me up. When he is really concentrating on something, his does this funny thing with his tongue.

Shane and Behren testing it out.

The finished product! This is only temporary (3 months worth), so we didn't make it super fancy, but I think we did a good darn job on it! Especially considering we didn't really even have a plan of how we were going to do it. . .just winged it!

My daddy looking at what an awesome job he did!

So please everyone, keep Behren in your thoughts and prayers. We won't get him back until Thursday. I am going to be so worried. So maybe pray for me too. Ha! I will keep you updated.

Bryce is so cute!

I have soooooo much to post about, but I can't because our internet sucks at home and I can't upload all the pictures . . so you're going to have to wait until I can figure out how I'm going to do that . . .

Until then, here is another cute pic sent to me from my sissy, Sommer . . of Bryce Lynn:

We got to spend a lot of time with her at Shaney's birthday party. She is getting so big and so cute! She is getting 4 teeth on the top!! I finally heard her laugh too!! It was the best! It was yesterday, on her 7 month birthday! She is sooooooo close to crawling too!! She pretty much does it!

You would think after 5 months of being home in Erie, I would be used to seeing the fam and friends, but I'm still loving it and fully appreciating it! I always think how lucky I am to be home again.


Happy Birthday Shaney!

Today marks not only the 2nd of 3 "Friday the 13ths" this year, but it marks my hubby's 25th birthday!!! It also marks the 20th birthday of the world wide web. If you know Shaney, you know that this is so crazy, because Shane is obsessed with the computer and internet! Now they can celebrate together (which I am sure they have been doing all day)!

Still need to get the Utah trip pics up, but here is a little sneak peak:

Tonight we are celebrating with the fam! Getting Shane's favorite grub, Pizza! Also going to eat my favorite grub, Cake! So excited to have everyone over and eat lots of food!

Happy Birthday Shaney!!! We love you!!!



3 Year Proposal Anniversary!!

Yay! We made it back in one piece from Utah . . barely . . . but that story later.

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of the day Shane proposed to me!

We were in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with the Penn State Behrend Track & Field team. It was the last day we were at Disney, and Shane and my parents were trying to get me to Cinderella's castle all day long. My parents wanted to "get a picture" of me in front of the castle because of course that is a tradition of everyone that goes to Disney World.

I was having too much fun being a little kid running here . . going on that ride . . . meeting that character . . . eating way overpriced food . . . but finally we made it to the castle.

I had NOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea that Shane was going to propose to me! Usually I can tell when he is up to something, but this totally blew me out of the park! And I cannot believe that my mom kept mum for so long about it!! Never even accidentally spilled it!

It was every girl's fairy tale dream! And I was sooooooo surprised that it seriously took me a good 17 seconds to even register what was happening! Of course I said yes though, and it was such a surreal moment!! One I will never, ever forget! At that moment, I knew that Shane was ready to committ to me and wanted to be with me the rest of his life, and that was such a great feeling to share together.

I love you Shaney! :-)




Leaving today to go to Utah to go skiing with Shaney, Dan, Marissa, & Chelsea!!!

I'm soooooooooo excited!!! . . . . . and so nervous!!

The "hills" out there are a lot different from the "hills" @ the Peak!

Hope to come back in one piece!!! I will let you know! . . . . Hopefully!

Have a great weekend! :-)


My Desk Worker.

Jinx always helps me when I am on the computer.

She is the best.


Sleeping Dog Runs into Wall!

Aww . . this is too funny!!! I still feel bad though . . the poor pup!

Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall - Watch more Funny Videos

She's Just Too Cute!

More pics of my beautiful niece, Bryce!
Sometimes I just can't get over it, because she is just too gosh darn cute!She is getting to be such a big girl!! She crawls backwards already, has 2 of the cutest teeth you've ever seen, and has the most adorable laugh! Love her!


KC's Birthday!

Yay! We celebrated one of my best friends birthday on Saturday! KC turned 25 on the 25th of February!

We went to dinner @ 7 @ Nelson's in Downtown Erie! It was a very fun, relaxing place! And can I just say . . I looooooveeeee that almost every bar is now non-smoking!!! It was such a different experience going out (yes, I realize this smoking ban happened a while ago, but I'm not a big "go-outer", so this was one of the first times since it happened that I have been out).

Then we meandered over to the Plymouth, one of my personal favorites. Free popcorn and awesome drink specials!

The entire time I was just thinking how happy I was that Shaney and I are back in Erie! It was so great to be able to spend time with my friends and be able to celebrate KC's birthday!