Behren's Surgery Day

Well, my little pup, Behren, is getting surgery tomorrow. He tore his cruciate ligament in his knee and limps a lot. . .pretty much has been running/walking on three legs. He his only 3 years old (not even) and it makes me so sad that he has to get this done already. It usually happens on older dogs, but for some reason it happened to Behren. The doctors claim that it's not even an athletic thing that he did. . . they seem to think it's arthritic. 3 years old and he already has arthritis!

Well . . . after the VERY expensive surgery, Behren has to rest for 3 months! No running, no jumping, no climbing stairs. Which is why we (dad, Shane, and me) built a ramp this past weekend to help him get in and out of the house. I know . . . I know . . . "You built that ENTIRE ramp for a dog?!!" Yes. He means everything to us, and I'm sure all pet owners understand. Right?! Ugh . . maybe we are a little crazy, but we will do anything for him, and just want the best for him, and we hope he can heal fast.

The first day of the ramp. We built this entire thing in only two days (and didn't even work a full 2 days on it).

My dad cracks me up. When he is really concentrating on something, his does this funny thing with his tongue.

Shane and Behren testing it out.

The finished product! This is only temporary (3 months worth), so we didn't make it super fancy, but I think we did a good darn job on it! Especially considering we didn't really even have a plan of how we were going to do it. . .just winged it!

My daddy looking at what an awesome job he did!

So please everyone, keep Behren in your thoughts and prayers. We won't get him back until Thursday. I am going to be so worried. So maybe pray for me too. Ha! I will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

awww that is love!

I randomly found your blog.. and am an animal lover with cats who are my "babies"! I will pray for a speedy recovery for your baby :)

*kc said...

Good luck to Behren. What an awesome ramp! When Sandy had her surgery we used carpeted plywood that we would lay over our 4 steps into the house and we put it down everytime she had to go out. Yours is so much better! It has railings and everything! Thoughts are with you!