Bryce is so cute!

I have soooooo much to post about, but I can't because our internet sucks at home and I can't upload all the pictures . . so you're going to have to wait until I can figure out how I'm going to do that . . .

Until then, here is another cute pic sent to me from my sissy, Sommer . . of Bryce Lynn:

We got to spend a lot of time with her at Shaney's birthday party. She is getting so big and so cute! She is getting 4 teeth on the top!! I finally heard her laugh too!! It was the best! It was yesterday, on her 7 month birthday! She is sooooooo close to crawling too!! She pretty much does it!

You would think after 5 months of being home in Erie, I would be used to seeing the fam and friends, but I'm still loving it and fully appreciating it! I always think how lucky I am to be home again.

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Sommer said...

you are the best! and after 5 months we still are as excited as ever to see you!!! esp. bryce!!!! xoxo