Happy Birthday Shaney!

Today marks not only the 2nd of 3 "Friday the 13ths" this year, but it marks my hubby's 25th birthday!!! It also marks the 20th birthday of the world wide web. If you know Shaney, you know that this is so crazy, because Shane is obsessed with the computer and internet! Now they can celebrate together (which I am sure they have been doing all day)!

Still need to get the Utah trip pics up, but here is a little sneak peak:

Tonight we are celebrating with the fam! Getting Shane's favorite grub, Pizza! Also going to eat my favorite grub, Cake! So excited to have everyone over and eat lots of food!

Happy Birthday Shaney!!! We love you!!!



j*amy said...

yay! happy bday shaney!

*kc said...

Happy Birthday, Shaner!

Things you can now do:
-Rent a car
-Drive a maxivan
-Sign minors into Junior's