Sunrise Sunset!

Although I didn't think the sunrises and sunsets were as pretty as Erie's, they were pretty beautiful!!

We got up at around 5:50am EVERY DAY on our cruise except one day to see the sunrise. And we stayed awake all day long with out any nappies (mostly . . except a few occasional naps on the deck when we were at sea). It was worth it and felt like we were getting the most out of every day.

Leaving the port of New Orleans, LA . . . it was freezing!! They just got snow there like a day or two before we got there, and it was still very chilly and breezy!

Our first sunset on the ocean. If you look on the right side you can kinda see a rainbow! It was so neat! Still pretty windy and cold also.

Our first stop! Progreso, Mexico! It has the longest pier in the world! 4 miles from shore!

Sunset leaving Progreso, Mexico!

We did get a little disappointment in a couple of our sunrise trips. Twice we woke up early to find that we could not even really see the sunrise. Bummer. But we still stayed awake and ate breakfast and carried on with our day.

I think this is the sunrise at Cozumel! Absolutely beautiful there!

Sunset @ Cozumel, Mexico.

And our last potential sunrise . . . . at New Orleans . . . a LITTLE foggy . . . .

Stay tuned for more Cruise Posts!


Back Alive But Tired As Heck!

Well I am back from my cruise! Actually I got back a while ago, but I have been so busy with work and Christmas preps and our pup Behren and family get-togethers and getting our new licenses and trying to upload all the pics from the cruise.

I plan on blogging about our trip over a week or so because we did A LOT and took A LOT of pics . . I only took 337, but Mase took like 1,400!!

I will leave you with a funny story. . .

I was in New Orleans and took a cute picture of myself in front of Bourbon Street with my camera phone. I sent it to my family and Shane, my husband . . . or so I thought . . until I received a text message back from someone who had one number different than Shane. They replied "who is this? you have the wrong person". . to which I replied . . "I'm sorry! I sent it to the wrong person!" to which they replied "That's ok! Have a great trip!"

So thank you random person I accidentally picture messaged! I did have a great trip!



Final Countdown!

Eeek! So I have so much to blog about, but I don't have time right now because I have to start packing for my cruise that I am leaving for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

And then I will have tons more stuff to blog about when I get back!


Can Your Pupil's Get Any Bigger Than This?!


I made my poor hubby go to the eye doctor to see why his right eye goes blind about once a month. . . . they referred us to a neurologist . . . . but he had to get his eyes dilated . . and holy crap! It was so weird!


Christmas Trees & My Animals, Of Course.

My daddy made two beautiful trees to take to the cemetery for my Grandpa and Aunt Cheryl. He glued all the bows and bulbs on himself, and got a candy cane for the top . . . . one that says "Dad" and the other "Cheryl". Not a day goes by that I don't think of my grandpa and aunt. It's so sad without them. My grandpa always made jokes and always put a smile on anybody's face. I miss him saying "yellooooowwww" when he answered the phone . . . especially when I would call his number from his house and hang up the phone real quick so it rang and then nobody was there. He loved that! I always did my aunt's nails at every family get together, and I just knew she appreciated it so much. I guess I laugh like her and I play with my earrings like her. It has been over a year since they have been gone, but I know they are in great hands right now, and that brings comfort to my heart.

And because I just love my animals (boy is it going to bad when Shane and I have real kids . . . ), here is a cute pic of Behren and Jinx snuggling in the cube in the back!

p.s. - cruise in less than 4 days!! ahhH!!


Parents Christmas Party!

I love my parents. Seriously. I am so thankful that God picked them to be mine.

Last night was my mom's Christmas party for work. I "surprised" my mom by going over to their house and did her hair for her, her nails, her make up, and helped her pick out an outfit.

I think I did a good job!! Doesn't she look so beautiful!?? And, of course, my dad is handsome too!!


I Love My Bryce!

Here are some cute pictures of my niece Bryce. She is getting so big!

Bryce and her Mommy, Sommer.

Bryce sleeping in the car all snuggled up!

Smiling with Great Grandma Rock.

Saying . . "Aunt Staci, why do you take so many pictures of me?!"

Bryce having fun with our pup, Behren!

She is just too cute! I wonder what Santa is going to bring her for her first Christmas!?


I Love My Animals . . .

So for some reason I have been having issues with my blog. It wouldn't let me upload any pictures for like the last 3 days! But, alas, it works!

Here is my 20 year old kitty, Sheena, eating some food my parents gave her, and our pup, Behren, hoping she leaves some scraps for him.

And this big guy is Nina & Jinx's brother, Scooter. He lives with my Grandma . . . along with two birdies and a chocolate lab . . oh! and my grandma just took in a stray too . . . that she is "fostering" until my aunt takes it I guess . .. and my grandma feeds all the neighborhood cats too . . . and the deer and outside birds and squirrels . . . now you know why I am obsessed with animals.

And here are our prides and joys snuggling together!! I know I put a picture up that was similar to this, but this was taken like a week later!! They just all love cuddling together!


Ugh. . . .

Ugh . . . I really have several things to post about, but I just don't have the time or energy right now to do it. . . . so you just get a recap of some things.

I had my first "closing" at work today . . . I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was . . . only worked 10 hours!

The cruise is only 10 days away!!! AHHH!!!!! So exciting and so nerve wrecking! I just hope I can relax a little, because I feel like I won't be able to, and I need to. . . . also found out that KC will be my roomie! Yay!

And since moving home (which I am still excited about, don't get me wrong) . . . I feel like I get to see my family (especially my hubby) and friends less than I did when I was in Virginia. . . I don't know why . . . I just feel like I have been going and going and not getting the time or have just been too stressed and overwhelmed to appreciate the time I do get with them. I just really want our house to sell . . . ASAP . . . now. . . and we haven't even had any showings. :-( In time I guess . . .I hope . . . I pray.

p.s. check out the beautiful pics of my niece, Bryce! and sister, Sommer!