I Love My Animals . . .

So for some reason I have been having issues with my blog. It wouldn't let me upload any pictures for like the last 3 days! But, alas, it works!

Here is my 20 year old kitty, Sheena, eating some food my parents gave her, and our pup, Behren, hoping she leaves some scraps for him.

And this big guy is Nina & Jinx's brother, Scooter. He lives with my Grandma . . . along with two birdies and a chocolate lab . . oh! and my grandma just took in a stray too . . . that she is "fostering" until my aunt takes it I guess . .. and my grandma feeds all the neighborhood cats too . . . and the deer and outside birds and squirrels . . . now you know why I am obsessed with animals.

And here are our prides and joys snuggling together!! I know I put a picture up that was similar to this, but this was taken like a week later!! They just all love cuddling together!

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