Back Alive But Tired As Heck!

Well I am back from my cruise! Actually I got back a while ago, but I have been so busy with work and Christmas preps and our pup Behren and family get-togethers and getting our new licenses and trying to upload all the pics from the cruise.

I plan on blogging about our trip over a week or so because we did A LOT and took A LOT of pics . . I only took 337, but Mase took like 1,400!!

I will leave you with a funny story. . .

I was in New Orleans and took a cute picture of myself in front of Bourbon Street with my camera phone. I sent it to my family and Shane, my husband . . . or so I thought . . until I received a text message back from someone who had one number different than Shane. They replied "who is this? you have the wrong person". . to which I replied . . "I'm sorry! I sent it to the wrong person!" to which they replied "That's ok! Have a great trip!"

So thank you random person I accidentally picture messaged! I did have a great trip!


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