Sunrise Sunset!

Although I didn't think the sunrises and sunsets were as pretty as Erie's, they were pretty beautiful!!

We got up at around 5:50am EVERY DAY on our cruise except one day to see the sunrise. And we stayed awake all day long with out any nappies (mostly . . except a few occasional naps on the deck when we were at sea). It was worth it and felt like we were getting the most out of every day.

Leaving the port of New Orleans, LA . . . it was freezing!! They just got snow there like a day or two before we got there, and it was still very chilly and breezy!

Our first sunset on the ocean. If you look on the right side you can kinda see a rainbow! It was so neat! Still pretty windy and cold also.

Our first stop! Progreso, Mexico! It has the longest pier in the world! 4 miles from shore!

Sunset leaving Progreso, Mexico!

We did get a little disappointment in a couple of our sunrise trips. Twice we woke up early to find that we could not even really see the sunrise. Bummer. But we still stayed awake and ate breakfast and carried on with our day.

I think this is the sunrise at Cozumel! Absolutely beautiful there!

Sunset @ Cozumel, Mexico.

And our last potential sunrise . . . . at New Orleans . . . a LITTLE foggy . . . .

Stay tuned for more Cruise Posts!

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Dame Kathryn said...

Those are beautiful photos. Were you afraid of hurricanes in the ocean? LOL