Mother's Day Race!

On Mother's Day morning, some of my girls and our mothers decided to do the Erie Runners Club Mother's Day 5K Race at Presque Isle. It ended up being a beautiful day out for the 3.1 mile run/walk.

Here is cousin Jen (to Nikkie), Nikkie's mom, and Nikkie. I believe it was Nikkie's idea to do this since her mom works at the Barber Center, and the race benefited that organization.

Sissy Amy, KT's mom, and KT.

Me & my mommy! (Why does my phone camera focus on the background??)

The whole gang!

I really had a lot of fun and I think we all decided that we are going to try to make this a tradition every year!


Going Away Cakes

So I googled ""going away cake" to try to find some ideas of decorations for a cake for a party that we are having for 2 of my friends that are moving on to new jobs, and I had to share these ones that made me giggle . . .

These are funny, but I really am going to miss my buddies! :-(


Easter Goods!

We celebrated Easter with my grandma on Saturday this year. We picked her up from her new home and brought her back to our house for dinner and some cake!

Bria got a new toy from Grammy & Grampy that she was super excited about! (she really was excited about it)

Sunday we went to church and got to spend the day with Shane's family. His mommy and Bowen being all cute!

Bryce searching for eggs!

Who's bright idea was it to bring the kiddos ring pops. . . . . .

Especially when their mommy wanted to get some cute family pictures . . . .

So we had a fashion shoot with little Bowie instead!

We tried to take the remote away . . kid wasn't having it.

We did finally manage to exchange it with an egg though!

This was cute . . . Aly was looking through her Easter basket and Bryce just stood there and watched the entire time.

Bryce sporting her new shades:

Don had too much excitement for the day . . .

And later on we walked in on Aly reading Bryce a book. They were literally in there for a good 20 minutes just "reading" to each other.

Love this age!!

Love my family and God as well!! Thank you for a great Easter!