Mase & Josh's Wedding!

Mase (Amy) & Josh got married last Friday, August 20th!!

Thursday, we went and got our nails done at Coventina. Here is Mase under the dryer.

That night we had the rehearsal and helped set up a few things at the church.

Mase forgot her awesome ribbon bouquet (that I made) and her marriage license . . so she was kinda stressed at this moment in time but really was awesome overall.. . we thought we were going to have big time Bridezilla but she was very nice and relaxed . . . i think it might've been the xanax . . just sayin . .

These two get the "most awesome couple" award. I mean come on . . how cool do they look together!? So cute. (Best man - Tyler - and his wife).

I think this is where the church coordinator was yelling at us for not paying attention.

The details were awesomeeeeeee. I didn't really have time to take too many pics, so most of these were actually taken by my amazzzzzzing husband, Shane.

For rehearsal dinner we went to Serafini's. We got yummy iced tea, watered down coke, and bread and butter for dinner. Just kidding . . . they were just super busy so we had a nice, long, relaxing dinner. It was fun (seriously.)!

Mase is so gorgeous. period.

Love love LOVED the flowers. So pretty and so perfect with all the other details.

Mr. Mason & Mase!

Umm . . . ignore our bored faces. This wedding ceremony actually FLEW by. Except in the very beginning where the pastor kept talking . . . maybe that was this part. (It was good though! I actually paid attention . . . that's it! . . we are all just deep in thought).


And the ring a ling lings!

Woah boy! First kiss ever. As husband and wife.

On to the party! Reception table centerpieces!

Awesome yummy cake and cuppies!

So here are all the SKANKs parents (minus Mase's). . . . we thought it was odd that they sat girls on one side, boys on the other . . they say this is what happens when you are married too long.

The beautiful Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Such a beautiful wedding and I was greatly blessed to have been a part of it.


Baby Nephew Born!

Bowen Michael
9:22 AM
9lbs 2ozs
20.5 inches

Mama and baby (and daddy) did awesome!

Bryce meeting baby brother for the first time!

Grandma and Bowen. So proud.

Bryce loved her little brother. She kept pressing his button nose! And then smiling!

Lots of visitors! Here is Bibi & Aly with Bowen.

The new family! So beautiful!

I will tell you the whole birth story like I did with Bryce, but couldn't wait to share the great news!


Jess & Jase's Reception : Found!

Found the reception pics! Whew! They were in a different folder on my camera.

The gorgeous couple! Jase & Jess!

The guys! Shaney, John, Joe, Den, Rob, Matt, and Ryan

First dance!

Can you guess what part of the wedding this was taken?!

The wedding was so much fun, and these two are soooo cute together! So happy for them.

Check out the actual photographer's (Danielle Hartland) pics from this wedding. She's awesome.


Jess & Jase's Wedding!

Last Saturday we went to a beautiful wedding for Shane's high school friend and his now wife.

It was hard to get pictures because people kept standing up in front of me, but here is Jason right before Jess came down the aisle. Love it.

Saying vows! I forgot at a Catholic wedding that they kiss in the middle and not at the end, and I accidentally blurted out a "sh*t!" because I missed getting the picture. Ooops!

The new Mr. & Mrs. heading out of the church (I've realized I use too many angles when I take pictures. I need to stop that).

Matt B (one of Shane's good friends from high school) came home for the wedding (lives in Minnesota now), and we had a couple hours to blow before the reception, so we all hung out at our house and I made them pose for some pictures.

Headed to the Masonic Temple for the after partay! Such gorgeous flowers and details!

The cake! I'm very upset because I took a TON of pictures at the reception, and somehow they all got deleted. :-(

Maybe it's my camera's way of saying, "what happened at the wedding reception, stays at the wedding reception!"

But seriously . . . I'm bummed.


Bryce's 2nd Birthday Party!

Today marks Bryce's (our niece) actual 2nd birthday!

But we celebrated her birthday last Saturday . . . . My Little Pony style.

We were originally going to have to miss it because of a wedding, but Bry & Sommer changed the time after the fact so we could make it, and I'm so glad, because it was killing me knowing I was going to have to miss her birthday party.

Miss 2 year old.

Awesome my little pony cake that my talented mother-in-law, Rita, and Sommer made!

Bryce sporting one of her new gifts!

She got lots of fun gifts including these cute sandals she had to put on right away!

Had to get a picture of the 4 generations! Great Grandma Rock, Grandpa Gary, Daddy, and Bryce (not in that order).

Present from Uncle Dan, Aunt Marissa, Uncle Shaney, and Aunt Staci (Nina & Jinx too).

A water table!! We had to leave right after she opened it for our wedding, but we were told she played with it for a good hour and half after we left! Success!

I can't believe two years has passed by since the little peanut was born. She has grown into such a smart and beautiful girl already. We are so proud of her and so blessed to have her in our lives.

p.s. - still waiting for the arrival of our nephew (Bryce's baby brother) . . . anytime now!


Best Decision of My Life . . . .

Three years ago I made the best decision of my life when I married my husband, Shane.

We have gone through A LOT in just three years . . . . moving to Virginia for jobs, renting an apartment, buying a house in Virginia, moving back home to PA, living with our parents, buying a house in PA, three deaths in the family, three births in the family . . . . just to name a few.

We've also been to Mexico, NYC, Germany, Austria, Utah, and I feel like I'm forgetting twenty other places.

Of all the things we've gone through, and all the places we have been, I wouldn't have wanted to do those or gone there with any other person but Shane. He understands me (for the most part) and truly accepts me for who I am.

We have so much fun together and are seriously one of the best teamworkers ever! Whenever one of us is stuck with something, the other comes along, and whatever the problem was is immediately fixed some how! It's crazy. But I love it. And I love him.

3 wonderful years already and the best is yet to be . . .