Bryce's Birth . . . Through My Eyes.

Bryce Lynn's birth story . . through my eyes . . aka . . . through my camera.

Bry and Sommer decided to get induced on Friday, August 15, 2008. Sommer's due date was August 18th, but on August 11th she was already 4cm dilated and we were all getting ansy! She had to go into the hospital at 6:30am on Friday, and they started her IV (pitocin, I think) and broke her water around 7:18am. At 9:28am (because yes. I kept a journal of what happened when. She's my first niece!) Bry came out and said we could go see Sommer. She was having some pretty hard core contractions (at one time they were only 15 seconds apart . . ugh.), but she never complained at all! In fact, she never complained the entire pregnancy! She is truly amazing and I hope I can have the attitude that she had. She used her puppies as a "focus" and had their pictures up on the bed for her to look at.

Sommer's beautiful ring that Bry got her for the pregnancy. It is Bryce's birthstone, and Sommer's favorite color!

We (Sommer's mom and dad, Bry's mom and dad, Shane, Me, and then a little later Don, Bry's stepdad, & Bry's grandma) were all in the waiting room. It was the most exciting and nerve-wrecking time ever! We kept text messaging Bry and Sommer to get the status, and they just couldn't reply quick enough for us! Finally, at 10:33am we got a text message from Bry that said, "8cm dilated. About an hour."! So then we were all so excited and got even more anxious! We all just sat there, waiting for more information . . . anything! A little before 12pm, Rita's (Bry's mom) phone beeps and we all stand up and she says "Oh my gosh! They had her!"! Then all of our other cell phones beep and we get the picture message too! (below is the actual picture we received!)

So then we were all freaking out! We all jumped up and wanted to run into their room, but couldn't, so we all hugged each other and congratulated each other! We all just held our phones and stared at the picture, trying to determine if Sommer was ok and who Bryce looked like. We think she has Sommer's nose and Bry's mouth, but it's still too early to tell for sure. We ate some cupcakes I made, because it was like we couldn't eat or go to the bathroom until we heard, because we didn't want to miss anything!

Above are the grammies waiting patiently to get to see their first grandchild! We were getting really nervous because it was already 12:30 and we hadn't heard anything from anyone. So I text messaged Bry and said that we were all really nervous and asked if everything was ok. . . . a couple minutes later, Bry's cell phone pops up on my cell phone and I answer, "BrY!" and Sommer replies back "hi!", and it was just the greatest feeling in the world. To know they were all ok, and that it really happened. We had our niece. Sommer then said that Bry was going to come out and let people in 2 at a time. I was soooooooooooo excited!! So here is Bry coming to get us! Such a proud daddy!

After Sommer's mom and dad went, Bry came out to get his parents and kinda waved us in to come too. I knew there were only supposed to be 2 people at a time, but I couldn't wait any longer so Shane and I tried to sneak in . . . . bummer. . . we got caught. The lady was like . . "you are going to have to go out to the waiting room. . . only grandparents are allowed to see them now". And I was like "are you kidding me?!?!?! I drove 6 1/2 hours to get here. Woke up at 6:15am! Have been waiting for 5 hours! And have been so unbelievably excited for this! . . . And you're telling me I can't see them!??!" . . . . ok so I didn't really say that to her, but that is what I was thinking! So I about started to cry and walked back out . . . . really bummed that I wouldn't get to see her for a while longer . . . . so when Bry's parents came out, I told Shane I wanted to try to sneak back in! I needed to see my little niece! So we did. . . and success!

This picture makes me want to cry now, because I cried then. It was so great to see one of the greatest couples in the world, after they tried for over 2 years to get pregnant, finally be blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Their faces were glowing with proudness, as was mine!

We didn't stay too long because we didn't want to get caught . . . but later on we were just standing by the entrance doors and the lady that previously yelled at us, said "you can come see her now. We are getting ready to take her to the nursery". And I was thinking, . . . we already saw her and there's already 2 other people in there . . . but I said "OK!!!" Of course I am not going to pass down another chance at seeing my newborn niece!

So here is Bryce Lynn under the heating thingy . . . oh man . . I would LOVE to have one of those! She is getting ready to go to the nursery where they can measure her and clean her up.

Bry and Sommer were sooo lucky! Even though their "nesting room" is not an actual room, mostly everyone else who had babies, had to double up with another couple. Bry and Sommer got a room to themselves and got their own shower! Everyone else had to use community showers!

Here (above) is my favorite pic of the new family! Bry, Sommer, & Bryce! I just love them all so much and am so lucky to have them in my life!

Aunt Staci & Uncle Shane's turn to spoil Bryce! Although she is already so spoiled! So many cute clothes and so many people who love her!

Aunt Marissa & Uncle Dan meeting Bryce for the first time! You can just tell how happy they are!

She's so tiny! 7lbs 8oz, 21 inches!

My favorite pic of Uncle Dan & Aunt Marissa with Bryce! Bryce is modeling the outfit and blanky Shane and I gave her.

The beautiful and awesomely decorated nursery! I want Sommer to decorate our house!

Baby Bryce stretching out! Ugh . . . . I miss her already :-(

Sommer wrapping her up while she starts to wake up a little! I got to see her beautiful eyes!

Sommer, Bry, Shaney, Bryce, Me, Dan, Marissa . . . . loving Bryce and so excited to all be together to celebrate this amazing time.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family . . . on all sides! And I am so excited that Bryce was born into a family that will love her, care for her, spoil her, teach her, enjoy her, and be there for her on her life experiences. I thank God soooo much for getting Shane and I to Erie to celebrate Bryce's birth, and I hope that God can bring Shane and I back to Erie for good so we can be the best aunt and uncle we can be. Bryce, don't grow up too fast!

p.s. - now you know why it took so long to post this . . . :-P


Rita said...

oh staci you make me cry, "bryce don't grow up too fast", you know she will. we are all sooooooo lucky to have you in our family. you are such a joy and bryce is so lucky to have you for an aunt. i love you

j*amy said...

awe she's beautiful! congrats sommer & bry and auntie staci & uncle shaner!!

[ps move back to erie ;)]