Contact Sports: Watch But No Play

This post was inspired by the American Gladiators show from Monday. Militia got a little fired up in the gauntlet, making this highly contact competition even more interesting . . .

So what's my point? My point is that I have been playing sports competitively since I was in 9th grade in high school (nine or ten years ago?? . . wow time flies) . . but I have always been involved in non-contact sports (volleyball, track & field). Not until college . . . where I started doing intramurals (flag football, basketball, soccer, etc) did I begin to get myself into the ruthless and aggressive "contact" sports. And let me tell you . . . it is COMPLETELY different playing these sports. People get so aggressive! And I'll admit it . . . I am a competitive person and do not like to lose! I do not let people push me around, but I also do not initiate the contact. I have been involved in some minor scuffles, and I can honestly say after every game that had these aggressive, dirty players I look back on the game and just think how un-fun it was! I feel terrible about myself that I stooped to the other persons level, and for an intramural or league game . . it is just not worth it to me when people play like this. I am out there for a good time, some exercise, and to meet some nice people. And contact sports just do not do this for me . . . (minus the exercise and peepz on my team) however, watching contact sports is always entertaining! And it's sad to say but I think people enjoy watching these contact sports (football, basketball, etc.) for that very reason of having that competitiveness and aggressiveness. So I will leave the playing to other people who enjoy beating each other up mentally and physically, while I stick with my volleyball and track and only watch the crazy contact sports.


*Stace* said...

I asked my husband what he thought about my post, and he responded with:

"I like contact sports, they are usually pretty fair, but sometimes they are not as we have seen
I don't think you should let other people interfere with your decision
of playing contact sports, I mean yeah there is always going to be
confrontation in those types of sports and I know it is easier said then done but we have to remember we can always just walk away from the scuffle (me too) I get just as caught up in the moment as the next person and with each confrontation you grow a little more to be more of the person you want to be, but these things just don't happen instantly
you have to work at them."

What a great comment! So very true and so insightful! And maybe eventually I will decide I want to dabble in the contact sports again, but for now I just want to play some of what I love . . . volleyball!

rockhead said...

Staci are you really posting comments on your own blog?
And that comment is totally made up Shane has never said that much before about one thing.

*Stace* said...

Umm . . yes. yes I am posting comments on my own blog. KT said I could! :-) and believe it or not . . Shane did say that!! So impressed!