My Crazy Kitties . . . & My Beautiful Niece!

Ok . . . so our cats are crazy. . . they love to lay on the air conditioning vents . . when the cold air is blowing! And they love jumping in the fridge as soon as we open it so they can lay down in it . . . the pic below was from this very morning! . . . I thought cats liked warm temperatures?!

p.s. - we need to go grocery shopping

Also, look what else I saw my cute kitty, Nina, do this morning . . and every other morning this week . . . as I was leaving for work . . .

And my lovely sister-in-law sent me this beautiful picture of my niece, Bryce, today via phone message! I can't be there to hold her and see her grow . . . and it just kills me, so I just LOOOOVEE when I get these picture messages from Bry & Sommer! I seriously showed everyone at work, and kept opening it back up during the day to look again! She is just so gosh darn cute!

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*kc said...

She looks very grown up the way she is sleeping - with one arm over the covers and the other under her chin. What a cutie!