The Time Has Come . . .

Well . . . I thought last night would be first day back at soccer after my minor scuffle . . time for me to have my character tested yet again . . . but the team never showed up for the playoff game. Bummer. . . . and complete bummer because the game wat at 9:10PM and it takes a good twenty minutes just to drive there (so 40 mins of driving for nothing . . ugh).

But tomorrow (@10pm . . what the heck is with these late night games?!) we are supposed to play the team that I got in a scuffle with . . . ugh. Whoever wins this game will move on to the "final" game. So stay tuned to see if we win and to see if I can get through the game without any "issues".

We play indoor now, but here are some random pictures of my lovely hubby playing outdoors:
(him warming up & the storm rolling in)

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