Our King's Dominion Anniversary!

Well, Shaney and I's one year anniversary as husband and wife is technically tomorrow (8.11.08), but we started the celebrations early and went to King's Dominion in Virginia on Saturday! We decided that this was a good choice for us to celebrate because in our first year of marriage . . . we've had lots of ups and downs (rollar coaster ride) . . .a lot more downs than ups . . . just kidding!! We just love rollar coasters! Actually, our first year of marriage couldn't have been better! I can't even remember a time that we got in a fight!

Ugh. . . so Shane talked me out of bringing my camera into the park (I was scared if we went on a water ride it would get broken, or it would fling off on another ride) . . . which I desparately regretted later when I saw a bunch of other people with cameras and video cameras and it was TOTALLY killing me not to have it. :-( There were so many good photo ops, but this was the last pic (above) taken before we headed off for a day of fun!

Memorable moments, comments, & tips:
  • Lines were incredibly long (we didn't ride much because of that :-( ). . . . which is totally understandable . . . I mean that is part of an amusement park experience . . . but what grinds our gears is that there were so many open seats on the rides!!!! When we were getting ready to go on the Dominator (the new ride this year . . after which we waited for a good 2 hours or so . . ), there were 6 seats wide open with no one in them!! They didn't even ask people if there were 2 riders or whatever to sit there!!
  • Souvenir cup! This is a pretty good deal if you drink a lot! It's $8, but you can pay $4 extra to get "bottomless refills" the rest of the day (you have to wear a wristband). I think we got a total of 5 or 6 drinks . . so $2 a drink (it's a big cup) isn't bad at all! Especially considering all the other drinks in the park are $3+. . . even the drinks in the vending machines are $3.50 . . . for a 20oz pop, water, or powerade!! Crazy ripoff!!
  • As for rides . . . my top picks . . in order. . . #1 --> Volcano! probably one of the best rollar coasters I have ever rode on. The smoothest ride ever and such a fun ride! They also video tape your entire ride and you can see it when you get off! It was funny! #2 --> Drop Tower! I don't know why, but I love these kinds of rides! It's so suspenseful and I love being so high up and getting that feeling in your stomach! #3 ---> Tornado! This is a water ride . . . but the first drop is so steep and so fun! The line is ridiculously long though . . . #4 --> the dominator! this is new this year at KD, and honestly . . . I wasn't that impressed. Maybe because the hype was so big?! . . . it was ok but my head got banged around a lot.
  • And oh my gosh have wooden rollar coasters ALWAYS hurt that bad?!?! Or is it because I am older now?! Wow. . . . I just about got my head snapped off, my knees kept clanking together and Shane and I kept squishing each other. I got an instant headache that lasted the rest of the day and I just could not wait until the ride ended. I really can't believe that I used to love wooden rollar coasters! They are so painful!
  • The food --> delicious ! But it is hard to have food not taste good to me . . . unless it is "rich" food or seafood . . . blah! But we had pizza, pop (all day long w/our bottomless refills), loaded funnel cake (strawberries), . . and I think that was it. But it was all good.
  • We decided to leave around 8pm or so . . . . that's right. We are an old, married couple now. That was late for us! :-P
picture taken by our Toyota Highlander

Overall, it was a fun experience. No matter what I do or where I go, I always have fun when I am with Shane. Yay!! Happy 1st Anniversary! :-) And many more!!!

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Anonymous said...

OH MAN! i totally missed this post. we went to kings dominion this summer too but only for a few hours.

i also LOVED the volcano!!! when that thing whips you forward you just have no idea whats going on!! It was an amazing ride. we waited for an hour and half for it!

i didn't get to ride the dominator but i wanted to.

i totally agree with you about the wooden coasters. i actually smacked my head on brians shoulder on the hurler. WAY too rough for me, but i loved all the steel coasters.

fun!!! happy anniversary :)