10 Skills You Need to Succeed . . .

I got this article from my lovely daddy! It was written by Dustin Wax.

A very interesting article . . . I tried to apply it to myself to see what I need to work on to become more successful . . .

  1. Public Speaking --> check! I got the wonderful opportunity to give a speech at the Glenhill Appreciation Dinner at Penn State Behrend (my junior year of college) to recognize donors whose personal gifts to the college have reached the $50K - $99,999 level. I also was picked to give a speech at graduation for college. Of course I was nervous, and looking back I cannot believe that I was actually able to do that, because I always get butterflies in my stomach when I have to get up and talk in front of people. But they truly were amazing experiences that I will never forget.

  2. Writing --> check!? I believe I am decent at writing . . . . never received any awards for it . . . and English was my worst subject, but I still got A's and B's.
  3. Self-Management --> check. I am probably one of the most organized peepz I know. I keep a calendar book with me so that I always know what my schedule is like. As far as strong sense of discipline . . . ehh . . . I keep myself on track. I do not work out every day like I would like, but I make sure to get some activity in during the week.
  4. Networking --> still working on this one. I consider myself a fairly social person, and I love to meet new people. . . I just hate asking people to do things for me. I am the person that loves to do things for other people.
  5. Critical Thinking --> check. I believe I have a natural ability for critical thinking . . . and often do over analyze things. I guess that is one reason I thought accounting would be a good profession for me.
  6. Decision Making --> ugh . . . this is probably my biggest need of improvement. Going with the critical thinking thing and me over analyzing things . . . it tends to take a bit longer to make decisions. That and always wanting to make other people happy and do what they want makes me tend to not say what I want or think. I am getting better though.
  7. Math --> check. My best subject in school by far (not including gym class)! Although the use of calculators all throughout school have made my brain dependent on them!
  8. Research --> oh the joys of internet! I remember back in the day you needed to use encyclopedias and almanacs and other books to research, but now you have endless information at the click of a finger!
  9. Relaxation --> hmm . . . this is a tricky one! I definitely love my relaxation time, but I have to admit I am probably more stressed most of the time. I really do need to loosen up a little and just go with the flow. I think Shane has helped me a lot on this.
  10. Basic Accounting --> check! Yay! I am an accountant, so I better have some basic accounting!

Ok . . . so I really need to work on relaxing, decision making, and networking. What do you need to work on?!


jtonyb said...

wouldn't sleeping 12 hours a day on weekends be considered Relaxation ?

*Stace* said...

ha . . . dad, that's so 10 years ago. . . :-P shane won't let me take naps anymore.