One Exciting Week!! Ahh!

Ok, so first off . . . my hubby and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary today!! Yay! We made it! :-P Here is a pic from my phone of what he surprised me with this morning . . . . (he is so sweet!)

We have a nice, relaxing evening planned for tonight. I do not want to give too much away, because some of it is still a surprise for Shane, but look back tomorrow or later tonight for some pictures of the evening!

Ok . . . now on to some other things . . . .

Last night we were watching the Olympics. We were especially excited for the men's 4X100 freestyle swim. Although, after finding out it would not be on until around 11:30pm, I quickly gave Shane a good night kiss and passed out. I did, however, get woken up to shouts and screams (from the tv and Shane) shortly around that time. I did unfortunately miss the race, but I got to see everyone celebrating and it was awesome! The French were so sure they were going to win and even said we will "smash" them (the US). The U.S. barely beat the French (by .08 seconds to be exact), but hey, who's counting seconds?! We're counting gold!

And . . . . oh my gosh! Sommer, my sister-in-law, went to the doctors this morning! She is 4cm dilated! She said she could have her and Bry's little girl any time now . . . today, tomorrow, this week! I did read online though, and they said it could even be longer than that. But I am getting so excited! My first niece and the first "grand baby" of the fam! Ahh!! :-)

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