I Love Sommer & Bry & My Un-Born Niece!

my beautiful sister (in-law) & my niece!

sooo . . . my sister & brother (in-laws) are having a baby girl next month and i can't even begin to tell you how SUPER excited i am! not only because i love babies, but i love my family and after all of the difficulties they've had, they are finally having a baby girl of their own!

i didn't even know they were getting maternity pictures taken, but bry finally decided to let me know i guess, and so here they are! yay!! :-)

photos are courtesy of Meaghan Elliott Photography! never heard of her, but she does an amazingly good job! although making sommer look good is not hard at all!

keep checking back for lots of baby pics once they finally have her!


j*amy said...

oh my gosh! that picture is so awesome! she looks so beautiful and happy!!

*Stace* said...

i know! :-) i love this pic!

*Stace* said...

can i comment on my own blog . . or is that wrong?!

Kt said...

seriously cute pic! Love the skirt!

and haha it's totes okay to comment on your own blog!