My 4-D Niece!

yesterday bry & sommer had their 4-d sonogram for their baby girl!!

i am getting more and more excited!!!! but also more and more bummed that i won't be there the minute she is born!! :-( we live about 6 1/2 to 7 hours away from erie, pa (where the baby will be born), and there is just no way we can get there in enough time unless sommer is in labor for a loooong time, but i don't wish that on her at all! i told them they just have to take lots of pictures and remember everything so they can tell me all about it!

the time is coming near though! they had their last baby class monday, and got a tour of the hospital! they have their bags all packed and are ready for the day! i can't wait to share the baby pictures with you! :-)


Rita said...

is she so beautiful or what??? love the button nose huh?

sommer said...

Staci!!! you are so sweet and i am so lucky that our daughter will have the best aunt ever!! you are the best sister (in-law ) She will love you so much! xoxo