It Was a Baby Rock 4th!

Shane and I's last weekend of chaos for a while . . . (thank goodness . . . not that we don't LOOOOVE seeing everyone, but we haven't been in our house on the weekend in over 4 weeks!)

got to go back home to Erie, PA where we met up with both of our families and some friends! the main reason we were home was for the shower of sommer & my niece! :-) it went rather well!! the food was delicious! i made a fun diaper cake w/my mommy! (see above pic)! great to see the fam! and sommer, bry, and baby rock got lots of fun prezzies! sommer looks amazing as always and had the cutest maternity clothes! the eating cake was fun & so cute! (found the saying online but don't remember where . . . sorry)

we also got to go out on the boat (don & rita's) on lake erie! sooo beautiful out there! got to go swimming a little bit and see a HUGE snapping turtle! (luckily it wasn't when i was swimming.)

we celebrated marissa's birthday toO!! happy b-day sissy-in-law! :-)

i'll just say that it was so great to see all of our families! and the little time i got to spend with some of my friends was awesome!

sorry this post sucks . . i'm super exhausted from the past month and have TONS to say, but know you wouldn't read it if it were super long . . . so you can see my pics below for more deets (details!).

p.s. - mase never brought us the cuppies that she promised she would bring us . . . thanks mase. :-P



Kt said...

1.) i got cuppies! but only b/c i was over at the house and brought my own container ahhaha

2.) your "cake" was totes cute! I'm so proud of your craftiness!!

3.) yayyyyy

*kc said...

1.) Thanks for KT for reminding me.. where was she Saturday? Thanks KT. Way to disappoint.

2.) Thanks for no cuppies, Amy. Way to disappoint.

3.) Thanks, Stace for organzing our 2 hours of seeing each other. "I'm by myself. That's why I'm drinking!"

j*amy said...

1) thanks for making me feel bad again about the cuppies. i made them for you guys. that was the reason! i'm sorry i forgot
2) thanks for getting a pic with your friends that you saw
3) thanks for not making your post too long, so it kept our attention ;)