Attack of the Mos Quitoes!

ugh! so i was out planting flowers last night and doing some yard work trying to mind my own business . . .

when all of these nasty mosquitoes decided to pick a fight with me . . and i must say . . . they beat me well!

i got at least 20 bites (including one smack dab on my face and one underneath my chin) . . . and that is all after i doused myself in "off"!

i just recently heard that listerine can keep them away, so i did some research and unfortunately found that it is a myth.

i am up to trying anything though, so if you know of something that works for you, please let me know!


Shane said...

stay inside

j*amy said...

hahahahha oh, shane...

i have no advice. stop being so sweet? heheh

there was a massive daddy long legs in our sink this morning. i freaked and made one of the guys kill it. then a jumping spidey was on my desk. i made AJ kill that.