So I Wish I Could Dance . . .

there is this show on tv that i have taken a liking to . . A LOT! it's a show called so you think you can dance.

my nostalgia for dance has always been inside me, but has been brought out even more since i have been watching this show. thanks to my lovely parents i started dancing when i was about five years old. i did everything . . . tap, jazz, ballet (pointe), acrobatics, and adagio. i then decided that i wanted to give it up around sixteen or seventeen to become ungirly and do sports (track & field and volleyball particularly). ever since then i have missed it, but i haven't truly thought about starting it back up again until this show brought back my love for dance. i have looked at dance places around town, and i was then quickly brought back to how expensive it is for dance lessons. another issue is that i want to take hiphop . . .i think it would be a fun type of dance i have never tried, . . . but with that also comes my very white skin. as for whether i bust out the cash for the lessons. . . who knows?! but i do know that i will always have that place in my heart for dancing and all of the training, sweat, tears, broken toenails, long nights and weekends, sore muscles . . and for that time at the very end of the season when all of that stuff doesn't matter anymore because you are out there sharing your heart and your passion through an incredible performance.

and for those interested in the show and want to see a snippet (one of my favorite dances of the season). . . here ya go:

and in case you're wondering who i'm rooting for . . . i'm a big chelsie fan along with josh, will, and twitch! they are all amazing though, so i'll be happy with anyone winning!

UPDATE!!! last nights show was probably the best one overall! i enjoyed every single performance, but here is my top pic:

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