Our Mommies (& Daddies) Will Be So Proud . . . .

yay! finally a weekend to relax . . . . aka do yard work all weekend long. that's ok though . . . it's been looooooooooong overdue, and since we had little to work with when we moved here, most of it's all from scratch.

we finally cleaned the cobwebs out of the wallet and splurged on some much needed mulch and a wheelbarrel.

there is a lot that still needs to be done . . and we are still working on our very difficult grass . . . but at least it's better than it was . . .

below you will see some before and after pics! enjoy!



1 comment:

Kt said...

awwwwww!!!! your back porch loooks sooo good!!! great job!!!

btw....i LOVE before and after pictures! good post!