Nothing like Celebrating July 4th w/some Hot Dogs & Vaseline!

Ha . . . so on digg.com (one of my fav sites to "waste" time at) . . . was this article .

But on a not so weird note . . . going home to good ol' Erie, PA this weekend!! Can't wait to see my fam and friends! It's another jammed pack weekend . . . brunch w/the dad's side Friday morn, cemetary to visit my grandpa & aunt, dinner w/mom's side, then back to shane's mommy's house to get ready for sommer's baby shower! saturday morn - baby shower, celebrating marissa's bday, ashley's grad party, appies & drinkies w/the girls saturday night, leaving early sunday morn for our long trip home . . . ugh . . it even sounds way too quick.

pray for some non-existent traffic and safe journeys!


*kc said...

Ewwww, that's a gross picture and implication!! (YAY, i get to see S&S this weekend!!)

Kt said...

totes....pic made me a lil nervous hahhah....

Aww booo I might not see you this weekend....have coffee with your appies so you guys stay awake until I can come out!!!!!!!