This Weekend!

Welp . . . it's been another one of "those" weeks at work. But I really should not complain . . . at least I have a job. It's so sad and depressing to see so many people that I love and care for . . and even people I do not know . . . lose their jobs. My one friend at work just said that her dad lost his job today, and I've never even met him, but I almost started crying. So for all of you out there that are struggling to find a job (my husband included), I will pray for you. Hang in there.

In case you forgot . . . tomorrow is FRIDAY! I love Fridays! . . . in case you forgot that too! Friday . . . I have plans to go to work, then workout, then go out to dinner with the hubs! We haven't gone out for dinner together since we were in Virginia (about 3 months ago or so) . . . we used to go once a week.

Saturday, (hopefully if my mom is feeling better), we are having her 28th birthday celebration! Yes. .. she is only three years older than me. ;-) My dad, mom, and Behren are planning on coming over for breakfast, then my mom and I are going to the spa! She's getting a massage and mani and I am getting a mani & pedi. Then we will probably have some pizza and cake while watching Mamma Mia and drinking some of my new favorite wine (Almonderia). Then play some games and off to dinner! I can't wait!

Sunday we might go skiing again, and of course . . watch the Steelers kick some butt!! Here is a fun song that my friend KC sent to us. Get pumped!


Peek N' Peak!

Yay! Shane and I decided to go skiing today (Sunday) at Peek N' Peak! (I always forgot which "peak/peek" went first. . . so I made a little thing up . . . you want to "peek"/look before you "peak" go down the mountain. . . I know . . I'm weird). . .
I was very reluctant to go . . . it was soooo cold out today (and I HATE being cold), but our good friends from track (Jon & Cassie) were coming also, and I wanted to see them, so we bundled up with TONS of layers and headed out to ski.I'm really glad we went, because I had A LOT of fun. I enjoy skiing more and more every time I go. . . probably because I get more comfortable doing it. This is my 2nd or 3rd year of skiing, but I usually only ski once or twice a year . . soo . . . but I am getting better! I went on a "box" today and through the woods and on some "jumps" (although I'll admit . . . I didn't get much air) . . but I did not fall once! Yay!
Shane however, is much MUCH more experienced than I am. He just amazes me with his zooming through the woods, his speed and his crazy high and complicated jumps he does (iron cross, helicopter, double daffy, and lots more!)!!
Shane and I got there around 10am, and then Jon and Cassie met up with us for lunch and then we all went back out. Cassie's dad is an instructor there and skied with us for a while too! It was fun! I really miss them! And track! We were all such a family and had so much fun together!
It was a very fun time. A very cold time, but a very fun time. I just love that Shane and I have these activities that we both enjoy and can do together. And skiing is a sport you can do forever, which makes it even better.


Baby Bryce!

Long overdue, but here it is . . update on my beautiful niece, Bryce!

She will be 6 months old on February 15th!! She has two teeth already and can sit up on her own! Sommer says she sits up and talks to the "sing-a-long" set we (Uncle Shane, Uncle Dan, Aunt Marissa, and me) gave her for Christmas! She is getting so big and smiles all the time! Sommer also said she had her first laugh in the other fun thing we gave her for Christmas, her jumperoo!

It is soooooooo nice to be home and get to see her more.



Hello! So still no cruise pics . . . really we need to get a new internet connection . . . it's just far too frustrating to upload them all.

So here are some random pics for you!

So . . the one day on my way to work, I got freaked out by a school bus and tried to move over (the ditch was blending in with the road) . . I went too far over, and the ditch sucked me right in. . . . ugh. . it really was terrible. . . so embarrassing and so frustrating b/c I had to put all the extra burden on everyone. . . (my hubby was wonderful in picking me up and taking care of the tow truck and taking the car to my dad's shop . . . my dad was awesome by fixing my car super fast for me . . there was a bent arm or something . . .) . . anyways . . I worked from home that day, and Shane decided to go meander down to his mom and stepdad's creek to see what it looked like. It's been so cold in Erie (-25 degrees with the wind chill at one point) and so snowy and icy . . . . Shane loves it.

We went to Baltimore to visit Dan & Marissa! We went out to eat at a seafood place (ick) . . but luckily they had other stuff that was pretty yummy! It was so great to see them! They are quite the hosts! They made us yummy white chili and we had chocolate and strawberries and marshmallows and pretzels with their chocolate fondue kit! We also watched the Steelers kick some Raven butt!

On our way home . . I was trying to get a picture of Shaney sleeping peacefully with Majr, but he woke up and smiled. . .

So we got home from Baltimore and you would've thought a tornado went through our house. The kitties had Shane's sneakers all over and we found this in our bedroom . . the weirdest thing . . the one leg of the table was missing . . . and it was all the way on the other side of the house in the spare bedroom behind the tv against the wall . . how the heck did the cats get that long stick all the way across the house?!?! They are crazy.

This week has been going A LOT better than last week. . . I did not get out of work @ 5 any day last week, and this week I have been getting out @ 5 or a little after. We actually worked out for the first time yesterday . . and yes. . I'm extremely sore today (but that's ok . . I'm not complaining . . I love to be sore. . . being sore is my favorite). . . but seriously . . it's so great to be back to the gym . . even if its once a week . . . annnddd my friend Mase (sorry I'm too lazy to link her blog, but it's over on my blog roll) signed us up for some volleyball! We start the first week of February! We are being "The Dundies" . . . it's from the office! Best show ever. Anyways . . I really got distracted from explaining this photo . . . on my way home from work the other day, I got to see this beautiful sky, and it just reminded me about all the good in my life.

How's that for random?!


Keeping my Chin Up . . or Trying to . . .

Ugh . . . I have been working sooo much lately . . and I don't get it . . I thought our busy time was over . . but anyways . . I have had no time (nor patience . . since it takes friggin forever to upload any pics) to post some more cruise stuff. But since I am so stressed and depressed, I've decided to list a bunch of things that are coming up that I am excited about (to try to look at the positive things):

  • Visiting Dan & Marissa (brother & sissy) this weekend w/Don & Rita & my hubby! Dan & Marissa got an awesome opportunity to go to Germany for 3 years for their work, so we need to get in as much visit time as we can before they go! We are so bummed they are going to be so far away, but know it's an awesome opportunity they can't pass up. . . plus . . . we can visit them and Germany and have a free place to stay! Yay!
  • Celebrating my Grandma's 80th birthday! I love my grandma and I love cake.
  • Celebrating my Mom's birthday by doing a girls day out (nails, lunch, movie, etc) and a family night out (dinner w/the hubs).
  • Celebrating my birthday by eating more cake.
  • Going skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah in March with Dan & Marissa and Chelsea (Marissa's sister). Chelsea lives there, so once again we are lucky and grateful for free boarding.
  • Brian & Bibi's wedding in April. I looove weddings (they usually have cakes there too).
  • KT & Mike's wedding in July . . I am in the wedding along with my BFF's.
  • Nikkie & Matt's wedding in September . . also in the wedding with my BFF's.
  • Selling our house in Virginia . . . pleeeeaseee God. Help.
  • Getting involved in a volleyball league somewhere
  • Eventually deciding where we want to get a gym membership . . and maybe thinking about actually going to work out again
  • Spending more time with my friends and family
I'm sure there is more and stuff that I am missing . . . but it's late, my brain is dead, and I have a terrible memory as it is.

Anyway . . . tomorrow is Thursday and the day after Thursday is Friday . . and that means the weekend. :-)


Girls Cruise - New Orleans!

Oh my goodness this week has been crazy. . . . I've been sick . . but still working . . . and our internet went down . . . . so anyways . . we are back up and running (for now) . . so here is our New Orleans part of our cruise!

Yay! We wanted to spend the night in New Orleans and check it out a little before we set off on our cruise. This pic was from when we first got to New Orleans on Canal Street! It was so beautiful! The entire street was lit up with white Christmas lights on palm trees! Can it get any better?

Our view from our hotel room! We were on the top floor! If anyone goes to New Orleans, definitely recommend our hotel, Astor Crowne Plaza. It was right at the corner of Canal and Bourbon street. Perfect location to everything. And it was a beautiful hotel!

Bourbon street!! We pretty much just walked down the street and back . . . it was a little scary . . not as bad as people were telling us, but we still did not feel that comfy. Tons of people, tons of drinkies, tons of "R-rated" stores and such.

You are allowed to carry your drinks down the street . . as long as they are in plastic containers!

Stopped at the voo-doo shop! It wasn't really a voo-doo shop, but that was the name of it! We got another bottle of wine since we were allowed to take one each on our cruise.

Got up early before our cruise set sail to walk around New Orleans and see some of what it has to offer! Bourbon street during the day.

Awesome street art . . you weren't supposed to take pictures. . . but I didn't find out until after I took this pic! Ooops!

St. Louis Cathedral . . . aka . . a beautiful palace that was straight from a fairy tale!

Everyone we talked to that has been to New Orleans before said that we had to go to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast to get the beignets.

So we did. They were delicious!! Pretty much they are a gourmet funnel cake broken in pieces. I ate all 3 of mine and Nikkie's third. They also have the BEST hot chocolate EVER . . seriously . . . best I've ever had.

Oh . . and it snowed in New Orleans . . . seriously . . but two days before we got there. . this was fake snow. It was still really chilly though!

And here is us at the pier! You can see our ship way way waaaaayyyy far in the distance.

We also saw a fight break out between two "confused" (mexican word for drunk) guys on our morning walk (my friends wouldn't let me take a picture of it to show you . . . sorry) . . . and two guys exchanging a "blunt". Oh New Orleans! . . . but it really was an awesome town overall. So glad I got to experience it, especially with my best friends.


Christmas 2008!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

I have been wanting to do this post since Christmas . . . but where we live does not have that great of internet-ness, and it takes 10 minutes (at least) to upload one picture . . . and so . . . a year has passed and I am finally complete! Yay!

We celebrated the Sunday before Christmas with Shane's immediate family. Opening gifts and such! It was fun! There are two little ones (Alyson and Bryce) which always make things more cheery and lively!

Dan and Marissa with their cute little niece, Bryce! She is getting so big! She is almost 5 months old and found her feet (which she sticks in her mouth), is talking (jibberish, but cute jibberish), broke a tooth (meaning . . . it popped out of her gums . . or so I've heard), is being extra cute!! (she smiles A LOT and blows bubbles and imitates what you do) . . . . she is just the cutest and I am so excited we get to grow up with her!

Here are Sommer and Bry opening Bryce's gifts from Uncle Dan, Uncle Shane, Aunt Marissa, and me. Bryce was sleeping . . but I think Bry and Sommer were more excited than she would be now. We got her a mirror sing a long thing and a jumperoo!

She loved it!! Still a little too small to reach the ground, but once she does, she'll be jumping all over the place! For now she enjoys the lights and sounds and objects!

Christmas Eve Morning we started a tradition with my girl friends from high school where we all get together. . . last year we got together and made fudge and exchanged presents. . . this year we met at Kristen and Mase's new apartment and had breakfast and exchanged gifts!

We did a secret santa gift exchange thanks to elfster.com (and KC's good find). Katie got KC, and gave her a bunch of goodies, but one of my favs was this pic of Mase and KC (apartment roomies) . .. this picture was from our cruise where we were all sitting on the bed in our hotel in New Orleans, and it just seemed like such a great family portrait pic . . . so KT photoshopped the rest of us out and put a nice teal background. It is so funny! I love it!

Another fav is the awesome art piece KT made for KC. She cut the wood, sanded it, and painted it!! She is so artistic!! One ability I am not quite so good with . . . so then we all told KT we want her to make us one . . hint, hint! :-P

KC had Mase. You can see she got a Mercyhurst mug (her alma mater), Pride and Prejudice movie (i think), the office desk calendar, some type of garlic hand washer, and something else . . . I can't remember or see.

I had Nikkie! I got her a bottle of Pink Catabwa wine, a bath and body works soap, sex and the city (the movie), a framed pic of all us girls on the cruise in our formal wear, a purse filled with 4 different opi nail polishes, a buffer, and a file! The nail stuff will come in handy to show off her ENGAGEMENT RING!! Congrats Nikkie! Nikkie also had me for secret santa gift exchange! She got me some stress relief/sleeping lotions, some bath oil, muffin mix, caramel hot cocoa, some yummy smore bar mix, and pennstateopoly!

Mase had KT! She got some trouser socks, a very KT necklace, a fun cup, and some other stuff!

We went to church at 4pm on Christmas Eve. It was a perfect time for us, and was very fun! I love singing Christmas songs and it was Bryce's first Christmas!! How freaking cute does she look in that outfit?! I love it! And mommy and daddy are so cute toO!

After church we headed over to my Aunt Cindy's (dad's sister's) house, where Santa made a stop. Santa brought all kinds of presents!

I believe last year Ava was scared of Santa, but not now!! What a big girl!

So then we meandered over to my Grandma Lou's (mom's mom's) house! Santa also made a visit there! It is so crazy because my grandma's house does not fit 50 of us . . the family keeps growing! So once you find a seat you can't get up because you will lose it. It's like a game. It's fun.

Shane REALLY wanted to open presents Christmas Eve (actually even before that, but I told him Santa wasn't ready . . he still needed to get the elves to wrap everything). . . he was just dying to see what I got him. . . and I can just never stay up late and I wanted to open them ON Christmas . . . well Shane said that technically it WAS Christmas day when we got home, so I stayed awake and we exchanged our presents for each other.

I got all kinds of good stuff! I got a cupcake book, a new scarf, some new (very cute) outfits, an inspirational calendar for my wall at work, a cranium desk calendar for at work, some outside/inside car washes from Delta Sonic, turtle fur for skiing and being in Erie, and the Sex and the City movie. (p.s. - those are not our curtains . . . )

Shane got new black sketchers shoes, a t-shirt from Cozumel, some snickers, white tee, button down shirt, brown jacket, grey sweater, an indoor helicopter, and I surprised him that we are going to Salt Lake City, Utah to ski!! So we finished with our presents at 1am "Christmas Day".

However, Shane wanted to play with his new toy! And so did the kitties!! They were chasing it all over the place! It was quite a scene to watch!

I don't really have any pictures of the rest of our Christmas celebrations, but we ended up celebrating Christmas like 10 different times this year!! Craziness!! So glad we don't have to drive 14 hours anymore!! Home, sweet Erie.