Keeping my Chin Up . . or Trying to . . .

Ugh . . . I have been working sooo much lately . . and I don't get it . . I thought our busy time was over . . but anyways . . I have had no time (nor patience . . since it takes friggin forever to upload any pics) to post some more cruise stuff. But since I am so stressed and depressed, I've decided to list a bunch of things that are coming up that I am excited about (to try to look at the positive things):

  • Visiting Dan & Marissa (brother & sissy) this weekend w/Don & Rita & my hubby! Dan & Marissa got an awesome opportunity to go to Germany for 3 years for their work, so we need to get in as much visit time as we can before they go! We are so bummed they are going to be so far away, but know it's an awesome opportunity they can't pass up. . . plus . . . we can visit them and Germany and have a free place to stay! Yay!
  • Celebrating my Grandma's 80th birthday! I love my grandma and I love cake.
  • Celebrating my Mom's birthday by doing a girls day out (nails, lunch, movie, etc) and a family night out (dinner w/the hubs).
  • Celebrating my birthday by eating more cake.
  • Going skiing in Salt Lake City, Utah in March with Dan & Marissa and Chelsea (Marissa's sister). Chelsea lives there, so once again we are lucky and grateful for free boarding.
  • Brian & Bibi's wedding in April. I looove weddings (they usually have cakes there too).
  • KT & Mike's wedding in July . . I am in the wedding along with my BFF's.
  • Nikkie & Matt's wedding in September . . also in the wedding with my BFF's.
  • Selling our house in Virginia . . . pleeeeaseee God. Help.
  • Getting involved in a volleyball league somewhere
  • Eventually deciding where we want to get a gym membership . . and maybe thinking about actually going to work out again
  • Spending more time with my friends and family
I'm sure there is more and stuff that I am missing . . . but it's late, my brain is dead, and I have a terrible memory as it is.

Anyway . . . tomorrow is Thursday and the day after Thursday is Friday . . and that means the weekend. :-)


*kc said...

Stay strong. We love you.

We should schedule that lunch sometime soon. (Chicken Wraps at Bruno's - Yum!, or Nunzis, or El Canelo, or Applebees, or Ricardos)

j*amy said...

yay for weddings and cake!!

i know things are crazy busy! they'll get better don't worry! love you!!!!

oh, and volleyball league, whoops missed the deadline for winter league #2 - but spring league is still available! i might have 3 people [including me]! so find one more AND LETS DO IT.

oh, you should ocme to the gym w/ kc and i...whoooops we need to go bad.

Rita said...

sterahh staci, things will get better, i am glad you have so many things to look forward to, that will help you get through this time.
i just went to ricardos with my friends on thursday, yummy dinner
i love you