Hello! So still no cruise pics . . . really we need to get a new internet connection . . . it's just far too frustrating to upload them all.

So here are some random pics for you!

So . . the one day on my way to work, I got freaked out by a school bus and tried to move over (the ditch was blending in with the road) . . I went too far over, and the ditch sucked me right in. . . . ugh. . it really was terrible. . . so embarrassing and so frustrating b/c I had to put all the extra burden on everyone. . . (my hubby was wonderful in picking me up and taking care of the tow truck and taking the car to my dad's shop . . . my dad was awesome by fixing my car super fast for me . . there was a bent arm or something . . .) . . anyways . . I worked from home that day, and Shane decided to go meander down to his mom and stepdad's creek to see what it looked like. It's been so cold in Erie (-25 degrees with the wind chill at one point) and so snowy and icy . . . . Shane loves it.

We went to Baltimore to visit Dan & Marissa! We went out to eat at a seafood place (ick) . . but luckily they had other stuff that was pretty yummy! It was so great to see them! They are quite the hosts! They made us yummy white chili and we had chocolate and strawberries and marshmallows and pretzels with their chocolate fondue kit! We also watched the Steelers kick some Raven butt!

On our way home . . I was trying to get a picture of Shaney sleeping peacefully with Majr, but he woke up and smiled. . .

So we got home from Baltimore and you would've thought a tornado went through our house. The kitties had Shane's sneakers all over and we found this in our bedroom . . the weirdest thing . . the one leg of the table was missing . . . and it was all the way on the other side of the house in the spare bedroom behind the tv against the wall . . how the heck did the cats get that long stick all the way across the house?!?! They are crazy.

This week has been going A LOT better than last week. . . I did not get out of work @ 5 any day last week, and this week I have been getting out @ 5 or a little after. We actually worked out for the first time yesterday . . and yes. . I'm extremely sore today (but that's ok . . I'm not complaining . . I love to be sore. . . being sore is my favorite). . . but seriously . . it's so great to be back to the gym . . even if its once a week . . . annnddd my friend Mase (sorry I'm too lazy to link her blog, but it's over on my blog roll) signed us up for some volleyball! We start the first week of February! We are being "The Dundies" . . . it's from the office! Best show ever. Anyways . . I really got distracted from explaining this photo . . . on my way home from work the other day, I got to see this beautiful sky, and it just reminded me about all the good in my life.

How's that for random?!

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*kc said...

I have really been enjoying the sunrises and sunsets - makes the commutes so much more enjoyable.

(My word verification is "auntly")