Peek N' Peak!

Yay! Shane and I decided to go skiing today (Sunday) at Peek N' Peak! (I always forgot which "peak/peek" went first. . . so I made a little thing up . . . you want to "peek"/look before you "peak" go down the mountain. . . I know . . I'm weird). . .
I was very reluctant to go . . . it was soooo cold out today (and I HATE being cold), but our good friends from track (Jon & Cassie) were coming also, and I wanted to see them, so we bundled up with TONS of layers and headed out to ski.I'm really glad we went, because I had A LOT of fun. I enjoy skiing more and more every time I go. . . probably because I get more comfortable doing it. This is my 2nd or 3rd year of skiing, but I usually only ski once or twice a year . . soo . . . but I am getting better! I went on a "box" today and through the woods and on some "jumps" (although I'll admit . . . I didn't get much air) . . but I did not fall once! Yay!
Shane however, is much MUCH more experienced than I am. He just amazes me with his zooming through the woods, his speed and his crazy high and complicated jumps he does (iron cross, helicopter, double daffy, and lots more!)!!
Shane and I got there around 10am, and then Jon and Cassie met up with us for lunch and then we all went back out. Cassie's dad is an instructor there and skied with us for a while too! It was fun! I really miss them! And track! We were all such a family and had so much fun together!
It was a very fun time. A very cold time, but a very fun time. I just love that Shane and I have these activities that we both enjoy and can do together. And skiing is a sport you can do forever, which makes it even better.

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j*amy said...

yay! fun! so proud you didn't fall :) i am too scared to even try skiing. i can barely stay vertical when i'm in flat shoes...