Girls Cruise - New Orleans!

Oh my goodness this week has been crazy. . . . I've been sick . . but still working . . . and our internet went down . . . . so anyways . . we are back up and running (for now) . . so here is our New Orleans part of our cruise!

Yay! We wanted to spend the night in New Orleans and check it out a little before we set off on our cruise. This pic was from when we first got to New Orleans on Canal Street! It was so beautiful! The entire street was lit up with white Christmas lights on palm trees! Can it get any better?

Our view from our hotel room! We were on the top floor! If anyone goes to New Orleans, definitely recommend our hotel, Astor Crowne Plaza. It was right at the corner of Canal and Bourbon street. Perfect location to everything. And it was a beautiful hotel!

Bourbon street!! We pretty much just walked down the street and back . . . it was a little scary . . not as bad as people were telling us, but we still did not feel that comfy. Tons of people, tons of drinkies, tons of "R-rated" stores and such.

You are allowed to carry your drinks down the street . . as long as they are in plastic containers!

Stopped at the voo-doo shop! It wasn't really a voo-doo shop, but that was the name of it! We got another bottle of wine since we were allowed to take one each on our cruise.

Got up early before our cruise set sail to walk around New Orleans and see some of what it has to offer! Bourbon street during the day.

Awesome street art . . you weren't supposed to take pictures. . . but I didn't find out until after I took this pic! Ooops!

St. Louis Cathedral . . . aka . . a beautiful palace that was straight from a fairy tale!

Everyone we talked to that has been to New Orleans before said that we had to go to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast to get the beignets.

So we did. They were delicious!! Pretty much they are a gourmet funnel cake broken in pieces. I ate all 3 of mine and Nikkie's third. They also have the BEST hot chocolate EVER . . seriously . . . best I've ever had.

Oh . . and it snowed in New Orleans . . . seriously . . but two days before we got there. . this was fake snow. It was still really chilly though!

And here is us at the pier! You can see our ship way way waaaaayyyy far in the distance.

We also saw a fight break out between two "confused" (mexican word for drunk) guys on our morning walk (my friends wouldn't let me take a picture of it to show you . . . sorry) . . . and two guys exchanging a "blunt". Oh New Orleans! . . . but it really was an awesome town overall. So glad I got to experience it, especially with my best friends.

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