This Weekend!

Welp . . . it's been another one of "those" weeks at work. But I really should not complain . . . at least I have a job. It's so sad and depressing to see so many people that I love and care for . . and even people I do not know . . . lose their jobs. My one friend at work just said that her dad lost his job today, and I've never even met him, but I almost started crying. So for all of you out there that are struggling to find a job (my husband included), I will pray for you. Hang in there.

In case you forgot . . . tomorrow is FRIDAY! I love Fridays! . . . in case you forgot that too! Friday . . . I have plans to go to work, then workout, then go out to dinner with the hubs! We haven't gone out for dinner together since we were in Virginia (about 3 months ago or so) . . . we used to go once a week.

Saturday, (hopefully if my mom is feeling better), we are having her 28th birthday celebration! Yes. .. she is only three years older than me. ;-) My dad, mom, and Behren are planning on coming over for breakfast, then my mom and I are going to the spa! She's getting a massage and mani and I am getting a mani & pedi. Then we will probably have some pizza and cake while watching Mamma Mia and drinking some of my new favorite wine (Almonderia). Then play some games and off to dinner! I can't wait!

Sunday we might go skiing again, and of course . . watch the Steelers kick some butt!! Here is a fun song that my friend KC sent to us. Get pumped!

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