The Cousins @ Winter Green Gorge!

One nice day this month, Shane and I went to the Winter Green Gorge (Cemetery) to take some pictures of my cousins and their kids! At first, the youngest, Tyler, was a little shy, but we decided to get right into taking some pictures so it would loosen him up.

Didn't take too long.

This was their favorite part of the photo shoot. Throwing up leaves.

Tommy, Austin, Ava, Tyler, & Gerri

Love these ones . . .

The lighting was so good and they are so cute loving on their parents!

I was surprised how many different spots there were to take pictures (without getting tombstones in the pictures)!

Tom & Gerri

This was actually kinda nerve wrecking for me because it was my first "official photo shoot". I thought it would be harder to pose them and what not, but they worked so well with me! (I am not by any means a professional photographer nor do I consider myself a good photographer, but I do love taking pictures, especially for family, so I had a blast!)

Cutie Ava

I love the boys faces in this one.

This is about when all the geese started plopping down into the pond. It was pretty cool to see. We got a little distracted.

They are the cutest family!

It's just so crazy to see my big cousins and my little 2nd cousins (their kids) all grow up. Time sure does fly by.


Our Newest Addition to the Fam!

Wanted to introduce you to our newest member of the family.


We got her last Thursday from humane society and so far so good. She needs a lot of obedience training but besides that we can't complain. (she's already potty trained).

The kitties have been adjusting well and when we left Bria's leash on, they were chasing her around the house.

I love our little zoo, but man these pets shed!

Anybody have any good finds to keep the shedding at bay or at least some good products to get rid of hair (besides vacuum)?

Looking forward to a nice weekend day so we can take her to the peninsula (she couldn't go this past weekend because she's still healing from being spayed). I have a feeling she loves the water (I turned on the hose to wash off her paws and she full on stuck her head in the spray of the water).

Excited to learn more about her but for now .... some more obedience training.

Sit. Stay. Down. Shake. Wait. Come. Those are the ones we are working on for now...
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